Mr. Incredible: So for the fans, who are reading this, please give a brief rundown on what you do.

‘Dirty’ Mel: I just say everything that most people think. I don’t think there’s anything especially lewd about my blog, it’s just a sex blog. Who doesn’t like talking about sex? I’m just more open about it, I guess

Mr. Incredible: What made you want to start writing a sex blog?

‘Dirty’ Mel: When I was younger, I had an amazing boyfriend who made me think of sex differently. I was 15 years old, and he was twice my age. I guess that makes him a pedophile, but it didn’t feel like it. He made me very open about sex, and made me comfortable with my sexuality.

Mr. Incredible: As you said you are very open with the things you talk about in your blog. Are there any topics that you won’t talk about?

‘Dirty’ Mel: I don’t think there’s anything I won’t talk about. Of course my opinions are in everything I write, but, like in bed, I’m pretty much open to anything, be it fetish, toys, fantasy, or anything really

Mr. Incredible: What do you think is a main component to people’s views on sex?

‘Dirty’ Mel: Hmm, I’m not really grasping the question

Mr. Incredible: What do you feel is the reason fro people’s close minded views on sex?

‘Dirty’ Mel: People, especially in America, are prude. Our children are taught from such a young age to be ashamed of their sexuality, and to hide it. It’s a shame.   Sex education in schools only teaches sex as a physical act, they don’t teach about the emotions, and responsibilities that come with it. I grew up with a single mother who taught me not to be ashamed of sex, and how beautiful it is. She told me when I was 13 that she didn’t believe in staying a virgin until married, and that it wasn’t practical. If more parents had that view, we’d have a whole lot more educated young people, and a whole lot less unwanted children… coming from an adopted child.

Mr. Incredible: So is it safe to ay that you are doing this blog is your way to help people, get over their insecurities?

‘Dirty’ Mel: Yes, definitely. I hope it does that, too. I really look up to, and love Girl with a One Track Mind, a blog by Abby Lee, a sex blogger who uses her popularity to help good causes. I’d love to eventually get involved with a sex worker awareness group

Mr. Incredible: Now with your opened views and outlook on sex. Do you have any ties or connections to the adult film industry?

‘Dirty’ Mel: I have a few friends and exes’ in the industry. I’ve always loved anything considered taboo, so obviously the industry calls to me

Mr. Incredible: Ok, have you even done anything in the industry or have you avoided that move so far?

‘Dirty’ Mel: I grew up with a stage mother. I have a SAG and Actors Equity card to prove it. I still do stage, and some film work, but nothing in the adult industry. I do, however, hope to direct adult films someday, maybe start my own website.

Mr. Incredible: Ok, ok. Let us sit down with you and explain to us your writing process.

‘Dirty’ Mel: Sometimes I have something planned out specifically. Other times I just wing it. I wouldn’t say I have a “process”, I just write.

Mr. Incredible: You answer questions from readers in your blog?

‘Dirty’ Mel: Yes, some posts are in response to emails I’ve gotten. Specific topics that I have been asked about

Mr. Incredible: What have been some of your fav. questions to answer?

‘Dirty’ Mel: Someone once asked me about giving head. I, personally, LOVE giving head, so I loved writing that post

Mr. Incredible: I’m glad you brought that up. What do you feel are some misconceptions girls and guys having about giving head?

‘Dirty’ Mel: Well, it’s different for each guy really. I think mostly it’s that girls are insecure. We don’t want to do anything that could possibly mess up our hair, makeup, or make up look… well a mess. Guys like sloppy head… which sometimes means drool all over our chins, and our hands, and gagging. It means getting a little adventurous, and trying something new, like sucking his balls for the first time. Giving head is about pleasing him, not you.

Mr. Incredible: And what about for guys or girls giving head to a girl?

‘Dirty’ Mel: Same rules apply, surprisingly. I like a guy who goes does on me and gets very sloppy. I like to hear it. And I like a guy to utilize his teeth down there

Mr. Incredible: His teeth?

‘Dirty’ Mel: Yes, nibble on the clit, but lightly. I once had a guy chomp on my clit. Hurt quite a bit.

Mr. Incredible: Do you feel with the adult industry becoming more main stream that views on sex are starting to relax a little more?

‘Dirty’ Mel: Definitely not. We are as prude as ever. The adult industry is becoming more mainstream becomes its taboo. We are fascinated by it. That doesn’t mean we accept it

Mr. Incredible: But we’ve had the free love period during the sexual revolution, what suddenly made us prude?

‘Dirty’ Mel: That’s a good question. America is the richest nation. We’ve gone through several “revolutions” but we still seem to be stuck in the past. Despite the Women’s Rights Movement, we still condemn prostitutes and adult models. Why? I can’t answer that, but I’d like to change that.

Mr. Incredible: Do you believe if it was the other way around and it was the majority men hookers and porn stars things would be different?

‘Dirty’ Mel: Of course. We don’t condemn male porn stars, hell, I tracked two down and ended up dated them! Does the same apply for women? NO. And how about Johns? I think men who pay hookers are just as to blame as the women who take their money.

Mr. Incredible: So it is a simple case of sexism.

‘Dirty’ Mel: Yes, but sexism is a part of our world, and something we’ve, unfortunately, grown accustom to

Mr. Incredible: With that being said. I’ve read some of your articles and see that you have a very down to earth delivery of the things you talk about. Which leads me to ask you what is one of the strangest things that you have talked about in your blog?

Dirty’ Mel: I don’t think anything that I talk about is “strange”. It’s sex. I will tell you this, the next article I’m working on includes some… interesting sex positions, some of which I have done. It also reveals so embarrassing outcomes from trying out new, bizarre positions. The research for that article was strange.

Mr. Incredible: And do explain.

‘Dirty’ Mel: Well, while browsing the internet, I came across a variety of dangerous and strange positions. I got curious. So, of course, I called my only partner who is crazy enough to try them… my Italian. We started with our own variation of The Pair of Tongs. Thanks to 12 years of dance experience, I am extremely flexible. He stood next to me, and grabbed my heel, putting my leg over his shoulder. When he had hold of my hip, I rested one hand on the floor, and used the other the fully extends my right leg until the only things supporting me were his arm around my hips, and my arms on the floor… He slipped inside of me and we got a good 3 minutes… until my upper body strength faltered, and he lost his balance… resulting in a sprained wrist…

Mr. Incredible: Wow, that sounds…very risky

‘Dirty’ Mel: Yeah, it was. Obviously, haha.

Mr. Incredible: Have you ever thought about writing a book?

‘Dirty’ Mel: I would love to. I never expected such a response to my blog!

Mr. Incredible: You didn’t?

‘Dirty’ Mel: No. I never thought my sex life, or my opinions on sex would become at all popular

Mr. Incredible: Has writing this blog made you more…freakier so to say?

‘Dirty’ Mel: I wouldn’t say freakier, but it’s given me an excuse to show it

Mr. Incredible: Now earlier in the interview you talked about doing some directing. What type of videos would you like to direct?

‘Dirty’ Mel: I have a light BDSM fetish. I’d love to direct girl on girl BDSM because there really isn’t any good websites for that genre right now.

Mr. Incredible: That would be interesting to see. How does your family feel about your blog and your openness? Besides your mom.

‘Dirty’ Mel: Well, my mother and I are the black sheeps of the family. None of them know that much about me, especially not my blog.

Mr. Incredible: Have you ever thought about podcasting your blog?

‘Dirty’ Mel: I haven’t, actually, but I would love to. I have thought of doing a Blog Talk Radio station

Mr. Incredible: Alright…if you could interview or do a show with 3 people…who would they be and why?

Dirty’ Mel: This is SO hard! Definitely Manuel Ferrara, he is TOO sexy! Bruno B, he’s a cutie!

Mr. Incredible: One more

‘Dirty’ Mel: And maybe Dennis Hof. I’ve always wanted to move to Amsterdam and open a brothel

Mr. Incredible: A Brothel. Why not do that in Vegas?

‘Dirty’ Mel: Americans make everything too cheap and sleazy. Sex is pleasure. To me, coffee is pleasure. I’m not condemned for spending an hour at Starbucks, why should I worry about patrons being condemned for spending an hour at my establishment? Plus, a certain plant isn’t legal in Vegas.

Mr. Incredible: Ahhh. What do you think about mixing weed and sex?

‘Dirty’ Mel: I love it. Weed makes everything you feel more intense, so it’s all around better. When I have sex while high my mind is spinning, it’s amazing.

Mr. Incredible: Is it something you would recommend to people interested?

‘Dirty’ Mel: YES! I’d definitely recommend high sex before drunken sex.

Mr. Incredible: So do you think people who read your blog will think all she thinks about is sex?

‘Dirty’ Mel: Maybe. But I feel like if you read enough of my blog you’ll see I’m not JUST a sex-crazed whore. I do other than have sex. If I could just sit around all day having sex, and thinking about sex my life would be amazing.

Mr. Incredible: Well let me just say, thank you for taking time out of your day to do this interview. Is there anything else you may want to say for new fans and readers about anything like upcoming projects or things like that?

‘Dirty’ Mel: I’d just like to thank you and every one of my readers! I hope you all enjoy my blog and keep reading, we have some very interesting articles coming up for everyone! And thank you, personally, very much, for taking an interest! It means the world!

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