I remember when the only time you used to get dressed was during Halloween or the school play. Or the play date that your mom set up for you. As you got older that changed. maybe you hit the rare costume party at college or the theme party at the club. Now there is a culture that has been built around costumes called Cosplay. The idea is dressing up  as your fav. Anime, US cartoon, comic, movie or manga person. Sounds geeky right!?! Well as time has gone by this has become a popular thing for everyone to do. Especially during Sci Fi and comic conventions. We’ve even scene Cosplay charities where people would dress up and do events like walk-a-thons or meet and greets. There are online stores geared to the culture which seems to be growing and growing. Below are some of the Cosplay outfits that have really caught my eye.

1. The Bleach Captains – Great job dressing as the captains. Pretty dead on with every member of the picture.

Bleach Captains - Picture found on http://itzjohnwayne.tumblr.com/

2. Yugi – This is a spot on cosplay of Yugi. Not much more I can say about that.

Yugi - Picture property of http://malindachan.deviantart.com

3. Haruno Sakura – She even has that deep thinking Sakura look down. Thumbs up!!!

Haruno Sakura - Property of http://rainertachibana.deviantart.com

4. Sesshoumaru – All he needs is the little girl and green guy dressed as a monk and we’d be set.

Sesshoumaru - Picture property of http://yukilefay.deviantart.com

5. Kurosaki Ichigo – The sword won me over

Kurosaki Ichigo - Picture property of http://fay-lin.deviantart.com

Like I said before there are tons of great Cosplay outfits out there and these are just some of the ones that I like. Man, if I could hook up costumes like this when I was younger, i would of been winning all types of Halloween contests. Ah well, sorry for the wait on this one. With work starting again for me, I’ve been real busy. But never fear…I’m back. which makes it even more painful to say…



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