The hype videos were frantic and cryptic and promised of a long-haired man adorned in a trench coat running to destinations unknown.  Over the past 13 years, Adam Copeland has been known to WWE fans as Edge, and due to a neck injury, he has decided to hang up his boots and call it a career.  Now that it appears this is real and not some storyline arc which involves him taking a break to film a movie, I wanted to pay tribute to a sure WWE Hall Of Famer.

He has been in too many matches for me to recount all my favorites, and ranking them would be a nearly impossible task.  What I’ve compiled is merely memories for you to remember along with me.

The Blond Brood

One of the most memorable entrances and still one of the coolest theme songs in WWE history, when Edge joined Gangrel and Christian and they formed The Brood, it was time to take serious notice.

Terribly Terrific Tales of Tables, Ladders and Chairs

Were there any tag team matches in the past twenty years which were more memorable than the TLC matches of which Edge and Christian were an integral part? It would be a tall task to convince me otherwise.

Five Second Poses

Had I attended a show while Edge and Christian were a tag team, I would have ensured that I was one of the lucky ones with the benefit of flash photography, because the Five Second Poses by E+C were extremely clever.

King Of The Ring

Edge winning the King Of The Ring tournament and Christian trying to subtly take credit as a co-King was a very clever way to go about splitting up the duo so Christian could at last be on his own… not that I would’ve ever split them up.

Japanese Shampoo Endorsements

How absurd and hilarious was it that Edge and Booker T had a Wrestlemania match which started because they both wanted the same Japanese shampoo endorsement?

The Balding of Angle

It’s hard to imagine Kurt Angle with hair, but he has been bald since Edge shaved his head oh those many years ago.

Mr Money In The Bank

T’was the very first time Wrestlemania had the title-shot guaranteeing match on the card, and that lead to Edge not only becoming World Champion, but it paved the way for him to be known as the Ultimate Opportunist.

Lovely, Licentious Lita and the Live Love-Making

She was a talented wrestler, but at his side, Lita became something much bigger… with a ton more cleavage. They screwed over Kane and Matt Hardy and tried to screw each other, all for our benefit before the TV-PG imposition.

Foley And The Flaming Table

For all the many hardcore moments Mick Foley had in WWE, who would’ve guessed that his most memorable would come as a former tag team division stand-out speared him through a flaming table at Wrestlemania?

The Faux Fawning and Vexing of Vickie Guerrero

Though it made some of us feel sick to our stomachs, watching Edge canoodle with Vickie Guerrero and seem believable in the role took the heel heat Edge was capable of producing and took it to a whole new (and frightening) level. Watching him part ways with her and then use her as a dartboard of sorts made us love him all the more.

Rated RKO, The Dead Man and his Brother, and don’t forget about Alberto Del Rio

Whether he tagged up with Randy Orton, battled the Undertaker or played Benny Hill with the Big Red Machine or found ways to frustrate and stymie a Mexican with a destiny, Edge’s feuds in more recent years have created some great moments of their own.

Edge and the memorable moments he has created over the past dozen years will certainly be missed.

One last time...