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LADI R.O.C.K is not your typical female rapper.  When it comes to her music she speaks what’s Real, she’s very Original, Cocky, and Keen.  Hard as a rock because she learned to stay strong, stand tall, and stay focused.   Born and raised in New Haven, Connecticut, her inspiration comes from her two older brothers who went to sleep rapping and woke up doing the same.  They also encouraged her to keep on doing what she loves, which started at age 9 she wrote her first rhyme which knocked everybody off of their feet.  Since then, Ladi R.O.C.K has done shows up and down the East Coast, hitting nearly every state from South Carolina up to Connecticut.

When it comes to her easily-relateable music, Ladi R.O.C.K. is far from 1-dimensional. Her unique flow and a powerful voice set her apart from other female rap artists. Her music is a reflection of her, her surroundings and how she views the world through her eyes.

R.O.C.K. has thankfully decided to to link up with me and answer a few questions on her craft and her views on it.

Mr. Incredible: So how did you start this love affair with music?

Ladi Rock: I started this love affair about 20 years ago at a young age. When I was younger my brothers Slim Gooddy and Ceddy Rocz started this rap group called Animals of Confusion. They begin performing at collages and doing local shows. I kind of would get mad because I was way too young to go. I also felt left out because I wanted to do what they were doing. Thus I picked up a pen and a pad and I wrote my first little song. When I finished I went outside on the porch where all the guys where hanging and I spit it.  The looks on their faces were priceless. Since then I never stopped.

Mr. Incredible: Do you feel that in this day and age of music that you have to alter your image in order to get somewhere?

Ladi Rock: I feel like every artist should have an image that sets them apart from any other artist. However girls tend to do it more than guys in the game. I am always true to myself; the only thing I alter is my hair. Everything else I keep 100% real. LOL

Mr. Incredible: What are your views of the current state of the game?

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Ladi Rock: Right now the game I think is not what it used to be. Nowadays I turn on the radio and what I hear is not music. Of course you still got the older generation like Jay, Busta and a few others but this newer generation that’s out is kind of making hip hop look silly. It kind of upsets me because I’m like damn here I am grinding my butt off with good quality music that “MAKES SENCE” and then to hear half of the stuff I hear on the radio. A shame. I’m sure it would make any real talented artist feel some type of way. But at the end of the day I take it and I grind harder. That way when I get where they are it will be a breath of fresh air.

Mr. Incredible: Do you feel women’s roles in Hip Hop has gotten better or worse?

Ladi Rock: WORSE!!!!! Back in the day you had more than one female rapper out and you also had good female rappers. You had of course Laruen who was the best of both worlds, talented, inspirational, and was not a negative image on women. You had EVE who was nice and told story’s and at the same time knew how to make a good club track. I mean I can go way back to MC Lyte and compare it to now and I’m just lost for words. Where are the good female rappers who are talented at?

Mr. Incredible: As a female emcee what are some of the problems you see in hip hop for women?

Ladi Rock: We don’t get taking seriously. Most will look at us and see ass and tits. But when it comes to hip hop we get pushed under the bus. It’s sad.

Mr. Incredible: With a lot of younger girls being influenced by what they see, do you feel sometimes the images that are portrayed by female artist are too sexual?

Ladi Rock: I feel like the stuff I have been hearing out of females mouth in the last 3 years has been outrageous to the point where kids are doing what they hear or see. For example “you got little girls out hear walking around saying they like girls. All because of what they hear on the radio and they think it’s cool. It sad. Now To each their own, you can love who you want, I don’t judge and don’t look at gays or lesbians differently, and they are human and should have equal rights. (Just wanted to point that out). However, as adults to influence the minds of our younger generation to the point where they are doing things or exploring things like that at a young age is crazy. Being females we should try to set examples for the younger kids. Nobody is perfect of course not. But let’s set an example for the youth.

Mr. Incredible: Do you feel sometimes you are overlook in what is a male dominated field?

Ladi Rock: Always… Like I said before we tend to get pushed under the bus. So with that said we got to work much harder and prove ourselves. I have done many shows where the lineup would be majority men and it’s crazy. I also remember being the only female mc at a show I did in Brooklyn, NY stepping on stage and hearing the moans and groans like “oh boy what’s she going to do”. But when I walk away first place winner, I let that speak for itself.

Mr. Incredible: What do you feel your role is in Hip Hop?

Ladi Rock: When people hear the word “hip hop” some just think music. However I want people to think of me when they hear “hip hop”. Hip hop back in the day was so inspirational and I just want to be able to bring that feeling back. I have inspired people from here to Africa. I have received pictures from fans in Africa where they are wearing “I Love Ladi Rock” shirts. To be an artist who is not mainstream and to inspire people with my music that far away is amazing. That’s why my role in hip hop is not only to set an example, but to be an inspirational Hip Hop artist.

Mr. Incredible: Who are some of the artists who inspired you?

Ladi Rock: My two brothers have always been an inspiration to me. But industry wise I loved listening to Lauren Hill, Biggie, Nas, Pac, Busta, Jay z, Mobb Deep, Mc Lyte and I always inspire myself.

Mr. Incredible: Are there any other females artist that you enjoy listening too, mainstream or underground?

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Ladi Rock: I don’t limit myself, so I listen to a lot of female artist from hip hop to R & B to Pop. Lauren Hill, Alicia Keys, Rihanna, Lil Kim, Gaga and the list goes on.

Mr. Incredible: IF you could change some things in the game what would they be?

Ladi Rock: I would change the art of saying anything on a track. I would also love for record labels to really go back to being record labels and sign real talented people instead of these artists who are gimmick rappers. I miss that real good HIP HOP music so my number one priority would to band any nonsense from the radio. I would also change the amount of female rappers there are being that we really only have Nicki Making noise. We need more. “Girl Power”.

Mr. Incredible: What can we expect from you in the upcoming year?

Ladi Rock: A lot of hard work. With that comes more music, more shows and more me. You are going to see more of me because I will be putting in grind work. “No Grind No Shine” is my saying, and I live by it.

Mr. Incredible: Is there anything else you would like to touch on?

Ladi Rock: For any up and coming female rappers I would say stay true to yourself. Put that work ethic in and demand attention. Don’t fell overpowered by this male dominated game, embrace it. But to all artists in general I think if you truly believe in yourself, there is someone out there who will believe in you too. Eventually your dreams will come true just keep grinding putting in that work. Don’t allow yourself to be like everyone else who is out here. Be different, be creative, but please MAKE SENCE.

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