Through our good friends over at our cousin site, Half Popped Reviews, we do better than just giving you one person’s opinion on how to rank the Bond films. We’ve got the collective insight from everyone over at HPR who have rated a film about James Bond. Here’s the list, from top to bottom. Is your 007 Favorite on top?


#26 – Die Another Day [Average Score: 54 out of 100]


#25 – Diamonds Are Forever  [Average Score: 58 out of 100]


#24 – A View To A Kill  [Average Score: 59 out of 100]


#23 – Moonraker  [Average Score: 61]


#22 – Quantum of Solace [Average Score: 63]


#21 – Tomorrow Never Dies [Average Score: 64.6]


#20 – Never Say Never Again [Average Score: 64.75]


#19 – Casino Royale (1967)  [Average Score: 65]


#18 – Thunderball [Average Score: 66.3]


#17 – Octopussy  [Average Score: 66.4]


#15 – The World Is Not Enough  [Average Score: 67]


#15 – For Your Eyes Only  [Average Score: 67]


#14 – You Only Live Twice  [Average Score: 68.6]


#13 – Living Daylights  [Average Score: 72.1]


#12 – SPECTRE  [Average Score: 72.75]


#11 – Dr. No  [Average Score: 73.8]


#10 – Man With The Golden Gun  [Average Score: 74.86]


#9 – License To Kill  [Average Score: 75.4]


#8 – Live And Let Die  [Average Score: 77.2]


#007 – On Her Majesty’s Secret Service

[Average Score: 78.1]

“With plenty of elaborate action sequences and wonderful use of John Barry’s score (though it doesn’t have a theme song with lyrics, I’ve always appreciated the rich instrumental track that plays over the opening credits), On Her Majesty’s Secret Serviceis one of my all time favorite Bond films.  In it we get to see a more personal side of Bond…and the risky ending pays off with repeated viewings.  Don’t be put off by Lazenby’s one appearance on Bond…it’s a mighty fine film and up there with the best.” – The Minnesota Man


#6 – From Russia With Love

[Average Score: 81.26]

I would definitely say that From Russia With Love is one of my favorite James Bond movies! That Sean Connery is a real badass with real class!” – George Rother

I’m not prepared to call From Russia With Love an all-time great film, but the James Bond franchise is definitely starting to show how its reputation is built.” – Morgan On Media


#5 – GoldenEye

[Average Score: 82.7]

Anyone who is a fan of the franchise has a soft spot for this gem. Like the Walther PPK or Bond’s signature martini, it’s simply a classic, for lack of a better word. Swift, sexy and (un)subtle, this film is a great load of fun and a definitive staple of the 1990s.” – Tom Little of Digital Shortbread


#4 – The Spy Who Loved Me

[Average Score: 83.5]

With its confident mix of humor, intrigue, and spectacular action, The Spy Who Loved Meremains one of the most popular of the Bond films.  It’s certainly one of my favorites.” – Lisa Marie Bowman


#3 – Goldfinger

[Average Score: 84]

This is one cool ride! This flick is so full of action that its 105 minutes seem to fly by. Although I prefer the ones that deal with SPECTRE and the Cold War, this movie is very entertaining and, quite possibly, one of the most perfect spy flicks ever made. Connery is really getting more comfortable in this role, he remains a really macho guy who can charm the clothes off of any woman, no matter how much she resists him.” – George Rother

It’s a no-brainer as to why this has become one of the touchstones of the spy genre – it’s simply everything a Bond movie should be – big, bold, Bassey…um…brassy.” – The Minnesota Man


#2 – Casino Royale (2006)

[Average Score: 84.5]

It was so interesting to see how James Bond became a 00 agent.  It was also a great sequence and our introductory scene to Daniel Craig’s James Bond.  It showed a new direction that the Bond franchise was going to as it showed an agent that got messy and violent as he tried to subdue a henchman while also showing us the James Bond of old as he smoothly eliminates his last target.” – Lord of the Films

With a great plot, impressive action sequences, a brand new badass Bond, and one tense game of poker, the film hits all the right notes.  Martin Campbell and Daniel Craig don’t disappoint.” – Sobriety Test Movie Reviews


#1 – Skyfall

[Average Score: 85.8]

Everyone has their favorite Bond and reasons why they lean towards one or the other.  Having reached the end of my Bond journey, Skyfall just happens to be the best of the bunch.  It’s a fantastically entertaining, surprisingly emotional, and stupendously produced action film that once again redefines the spy genre.” – The Minnesota Man

“Skyfall” is an intense, well written, well acted, well directed action movie that’s sure to please general audiences and Bond purists alike. It’s an intense and solidly dramatic film. An instant entrant to my 2012 top ten and a strong contender for movie of the year. The action genre is spilling over with the movie refuse of substandard plots, characters and generic direction. To find one as artfully crafted as this should be cause for celebration amongst all movie fans, not just the Bond faithful.” – Fogs’ Movie Reviews

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