Tonight at the WWE Pay Per View “Night Of Champions”, Randy Orton should lose the WWE Heavyweight Championship to Mark Henry. The Viper is on the poster for the event, holding the title belt in the air, and i it were up to me, he wouldn’t leave with the gold.

Many comparisons can be drawn between Stone Cold Steve Austin and Randy Orton. Both use a falling front neckbreaker as finishing moves, Randy Orton’s RKO variation involves leaping forward, whereas Austin’s STUNNER drops straight down. The Rattlesnake and The Viper, snake names are used as nicknames for both guys. Both took the next step in their career in a high profile feud with the McMahon family.

And both of them are more entertaining when they’re CHASING the championship, not holding it.

Randy Orton’s strength as a face is in making people pay for crossing him, or as a heel it’s having him punish people to get what he wants. In the past month, while he is being stalked and brutalized by Mark Henry at every turn, Randy Orton has been less entertaining than at any other time in the past few years.

Orton’s inability to be a sympathetic face isn’t the only reason Mark Henry should get the chance to run with the belt. The World’s Strongest Man has never before been pushed to this level of credibility, and I daresay that if he doesn’t get the belt now, he’ll never be credible enough again to take this step. He has taken out Big Show and Kane and then he put down the challenge of a credible main eventer in Sheamus.

It won’t be long before The Undertaker makes his return to WWE – likely to come in the next couple months leading up to Survivor Series and Royal Rumble, and who better to stand up to the challenge of the Silverback than The Deadman?

Following an Orton victory tonight, we’d likely see more of the same retread rivalries over the next few months, with Sheamus and Christian being the next probable contenders to Orton’s belt, with Daniel Bryan not being treated credible yet and Wade Barrett having slipped out of the main event scene over the past few months. The only potential option for a fresh feud for Randy Orton would be Cody Rhodes, and WWE has all but over-saturated that in the past couple weeks by giving away that match on free television without a ton of build up to the rivalry, unless you consider the feuding they did over a year ago when Legacy split up.

If Randy Orton retains the belt tonight and doesn’t end up looking injured by Mark Henry, it might not be worth it to watch Smackdown for six weeks, as you will have already seen the Blue Show’s main scenarios in the past few months.