With all the anticipation and buildup that was Speed Week at Daytona, Sunday was a big letdown when the rain wouldn’t stop coming and for the first time in 54 years, the Daytona 500 was postponed. First it was set for Monday at noon and then finally it was reset for Monday at 7pm. So the food for the Sunday party was consumed and a couple of us got together on Monday at sat down to watch the most famous race in NASCAR.

Boogity, Boogity, Boogity and the cars were thundering down the 2.5 mile track. That is when it all broke loose…on the second lap Jimmy Johnson was spun out and a huge wreck ensued. Now, I don’t have any love for Jimmy, but to be knocked out of the Daytona 500 on lap two is just wrong. That wreck crashed many dreams to be competitive for the race, including Danica Patrick. I was very disappointed for her because of all the hype leading up to this past weekend and she didn’t get to compete in an entire race. I, for one, am interested to see how she actually performs in the Big League with Stewart, Gordon, Busch, and Johnson. I wanted to let her have her chance to shut up the haters. She has 9 more chances in the Sprint Cup this season and has a full dance card in the Nationwide series so time will tell.

However the most bizarre incident of the night happened during a caution and commercial break. The announcers cut back in with the scene showing Juan Pablo Montoya stumbling from his devastated car that was actually on fire in the front and rear. It looked like a car on a block that had just been hit by and airstrike.

How could that happen during a caution? Well, Montoya was running down the straightaway when something happened to his car (you could see sparks and smoke) and he lost control, hitting one of the jet driers and igniting the jet fuel. That caused a two-hour delay while they put out the fire, removed wreckage, and repaired the track. What an ordeal, but the track crew was impressive at getting the fire put out, cleaned up and then repaired. Kudos.

Finally it was back to racing. Jimmy Johnson was knocked out and Jeff Gordon’s engine had blown, and Robbie Gordon was out (oh wait, that is every race). Tony Stewart was sent spinning near the end of the race to cut him out of the final chance. The race came down to the green white checker with Matt Kenseth leading Greg Biffle (his teammate) and Dale Jr. Dale Jr. tried to push Biffle around Kenseth, but Kenseth was running too well.

Dale finally shot around Biffle to make a run for it and while he passed Biffle, he came up short for the win. For you Dale haters, and I know some of you read my stuff because I have heard from you, I predict he will break his losing streak within the next five races. Talk to me then! I think he is used to his new crew chief, Steve Letarte, and I think he is going to be in the hunt for the championship this fall.

This last part is for all you NASCAR novices: I have been asked three times today about what happens when someone wrecks. Can the get another car? No. If they can repair the car they are in and maintain a minimum safe speed, then they can reenter the race. But if their car is gone beyond repair, they are out. It is important to reenter the race because it is a long season and the championship is based on points that you receive each race. Because Danica’s team fixed her car and she reentered the race, she ended up finishing higher than some people that left the race long after she did. Thus she would be higher in the standings if she was running a full Sprint Cup season. Every point counts when it comes to The Chase at the end of the season.