The Raiders were soooooooo close to snapping the losing streak to the Chargers last night. In what many thought would be a blow out victory for the Chargers, the Raiders not only competed but, and I dare pinch myself as I write this, almost won. I know, I know, most fans of normally winning franchises are saying, “You idiot, you lost, what are you so damn giddy about?” I’m so damn giddy about the way the Raiders played because for once, in far too long a time, the Raiders played good football. But, there were still problems.

JaMarcus Russell REALLY needs to work on his accuracy and not putting SO much on every throw down the field. On numerous occasions he aired the ball a good three feet above the peak of his recievers vertical leap. He also damn near got McFadden killed when he threw a screen pass too high that left McFadden WIDE open to take a bonecrushing hit. He also might as well have had a neon sign on some of his passes with the way he was looking down the field at only one reciever. Take a page from Big Ben, do a little head fake, look off the defenders, and do a little pump fake to let your guys get open. Like Big Ben, you’re a big fella that can afford to hang out in the pocket for a little while. However, despite all that, Russell did settle down and connect with a VERY clutch 57 yard touchdown on fourth down.

In other news, Cornell Green with only like two penalties? I’m impressed.

The one-two punch at Running Back was working really well with Michael Bush and Darren McFadden. McFadden didn’t look bad tonight, he was running a solid power run that was tearing up San Diego for positive yards and that’s always a good thing. Again, I think his lower physique needs work because there was a play where he was tripped up by a very light swat to his foot that looked a little…strange.

I love Zach Miller, that is all.

The D-Line was amazing, they really were. They were stopping LT in his tracks and got to Rivers numerous times. Seymour actually looked like he wanted to be a Raider, he didn’t look like a player that almost didn’t show up at all. A rather big problem, and the ESPN guys caught onto it, was that the secondary and saftey were falling back PAST the first down marker in the later end of the fourth quarter. So, really, if it wasn’t 3rd and Long San Diego only needed to run a screen pass or a short pass and almost be guaranteed a much needed first down. However, the one on one coverage was outstanding by our guys and it was really a ray of hope on what used to be a black hole of suck.

To be honest, I do believe the Raiders were ripped off of a touchdown by a somewhat shaudy call that would have given the Raiders probably their biggest win in the last six years. But, all the same, the Raiders played a physically strong game that almost saw them do what many thought was impossible by beating the AFC West favored Chargers. After this game I am VERY excited for the rest of the Raiders season.

And remember; Win, Lose, or Tie…RAIDERS TILL I DIE.