The second week of build towards the Money In The Bank pay per view begins with Monday Night RAW, where the World Champion is a pale redhead with huge spikey hair and the General Manager is too busy to make any more of an effort than email.  The following are the questions I have stemming from the event.

Think of this as part-feedback, part-humor.

Headlines world-wide have been generated due to the NXT “Nexus” attack on Vince McMahon?  I guess GuysNation IS World Wide…  So… Thanks Michael Cole.

NXT Nexus beats up Vince McMahon (who has been hated almost his entire time on camera since early 1997), their acts disgust Sheamus (who’s getting good heel heat)… so are we supposed to LIKE Nexus?

(Bad booking decisions)


If John Cena’s tshirts are tacky because they’re orange, does Sheamus wish he were bald?

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(Celtic Albino Warrior?  They could chant “CAW!” at him)

How awesome would it be if Nexus decided their next target would be Don Rickles?  He’s only 84, and since the GM is anonymous, what are the odds that Rickles is the GM?

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What puts Sheamus’ hair over the top for John Cena as the worst haircut he’s seen since Kid & Play?  Is it the beard?  Darren Young doesn’t have the beard…

Do any more than 5% of the WWE Universe even know who Kid & Play are?  C’mon, Cena, get better references.

How many emails is getting right now?

Why did John Cena feel the need to take off his shirt when his pay per view match stipulations were announced?

If that’s the effect it has, why can’t there be more match stipulation announcements targeted at Womens Title matches?

100 Million videos have already been watched on… how many million pirated / illegal WWE-related videos have been watched on similar online video sites that WWE has forced to be removed?  I’ve heard it’s a great way to watch pay per views the day after.

Did anyone tell R.Truth where the camera was?  He was looking over Josh Matthews’ shoulder the whole time.

When R.Truth called himself the Zoo Keeper, did anyone else get a mental image of how awesome it could be to see Tracey Morgan cameo on RAW in character as Brian Fellows?

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Was my Brian Fellows reference any better than the Kid & Play reference by John Cena?

Hey Gilette folks, if you’re trying to convince people that their old razors are inadequate and they should throw them away, is it really a good idea to startle them while they’re shaving?

(some accidents can be prevented)

How many views would Vladimir Kozlov dance training videos get on YouTube?

Why didn’t Josh Matthews introduce Great Khali’s translator as his guest?  The translator speaks way more than Khali does.

How bad is Khali going to kick his translator’s ass when he finds out what the guy said about him?

Is it plausible that the translator could be the mastermind behind NXT?

In response to the last question: “I don’t think so and I hope not”, but how many people will mention that in Bleacher Report articles on Tuesday?

Didn’t WWE do away with the Guest Host concept?  Rob Zombie and his Hellbilly Deluxe II album doesn’t really fit in with the “TV-PG” concept…  How many times did he say “Sick and Twisted Things”?

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Is John Cena going to give special consideration to Rob Zombie’s hair?

If Rob Zombie is the only one who knows the 8 competitors for Money In The Bank, how does the production crew know what images to put on the screen?

Doesn’t Edge realize that a large portion of the WWE Universe were still in diapers when he won the first ever Money In The Bank ladder match?  No wonder they don’t remember it.

Wow, how much better was Edge when he was with Lita?

How disappointing is it that Lita isn’t around now that the women of WWE have TWO championship divisions instead of just one “joke” division?

(Edge referencing a Viper gives me a throw-back to Jake “The Snake” Roberts.  Ah… Nostalgia)

How often does Mark Henry have to prove himself to be allowed to keep the nickname World’s Strongest Man?

Did anyone else notice that if Mark Henry were ever held upside down, the initials on his back would still look like they could refer to World’s Strongest Man?

Shouldn’t the World’s Strongest Man be able to pry Sheamus’ arm from around his neck, instead of having to just shove him into the corner?  If he can’t, shouldn’t he change is workout routine so he taylors his strength in a way that helps him stop people from choking him?  I’d think that’d be a good skill to want to have.

How out of place does Heath Slater look as a heel?

What makes tonight’s main event 4-on-4 a “MEGA” match?  Isn’t it actually a lot smaller than any of the typical Survivor Series matches, since tonight’s main event is going to end after 1 fall?  You need at least 4 to end one of those matches.

When Lawler said there were a few guys backstage who wanted to honor Ricky Steamboat’s career, how many people thought it was going to be NXT Nexus?

How few people watching this show know who Arn Anderson, Michael “P.S.” Hayes, Mike Rotundo and Dean Malenko are?

Did anyone else get a throw-back moment to the Lita / Dean Malenko angle when you realized both of them were on the show tonight?  The hotel room segment back in the day was awesome.

(no need to give me comments to explain who they are, I’m a fan of all of those guys)

How long ago should Michael Hayes have no longer been referred to as “P.S.”?

How many people actually know what the “P.S.” stand for?

How many people remember Dok Hendrix?

How much better on the mic was Dean Malenko now than he was back when he was active?

How awesome would it be to see an Arn Anderson Spinebuster on one of the Nexus guys?  Maybe a Lawler piledriver?

Is this not the greatest NXT segment since their initial destruction of RAW a couple weeks ago?

Where was Wade Barrett during the NXT attack on the legends?

Couldn’t at least one member of the roster have tried to come to the aid of the legends, risking suspension, getting some love from the fans in the process?  They could’ve avoided suspension if the NXT Nexus guys would’ve beaten them to the punch.

Could Maryse’s shors be any shorter?

(not so much of a question, more of a request and a “thank you”)

How great was the move by Alicia Fox, blocking the sunset flip and instead of dropping into a sitting position, she hit a knee to the face.  Never seen that in my 20 years of wrestling watching.

How many times a day does Gail Kim think about how she should’ve stayed in TNA where she was being featured?

How much happier is Gail Kim’s bank account that she returned to WWE?

Why does Alicia Fox make the “belt around the waist” signal if she never actually wears it there?

Are we supposed to believe that after all the history they have against one another, Edge and Chris Jericho would simply stand peacefully next to one another on the ring apron?

Just once, could WWE have a match end during the commercial break and just go back and give us the video recap?  The Main Event would be a poor place to do it, but it would give more of a sense of realism.

Shouldn’t someone tell The Miz that he doesn’t gain anything out of climbing the ladder and getting that Money In The Bank briefcase tonight, but he risked serious injury by climbing it… which he nearly suffered thanks to Randy Orton.

I guess Randy Orton didn’t get the memo about potential risk of climbing ladders either.  With him hearing voices in his head, you’d think maybe one of them would have clued him into the danger.

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