When the announcers say that Jack Swagger made a statement to the Smackdown Universe by hurting Big Show’s ankle… who do we consult to figure out where that universe is in relation to the WWE Universe?

Is there some sort of passport situation to know about when considering the Smackdown Universe vs WWE Universe?

Is that the cause for Drew McIntyre’s work VISA problems?

Have even half of the WWE Universe even heard of a passport, let alone a work VISA?

If Teddy Long is the Smackdown GM, shouldn’t he know about the fact that Drew McIntyre had sorted out his VISA status before Drew actually came back?  It would probably help him run Smackdown.

Is there any chance that Teddy Long ever gets into the WWE Hall of Fame?  If so, does that mean Vickie Guerrero has a chance?  That would not be a good thing.

How bad would it look if someone just tuned into Smackdown and heard Teddy Long say “if you want to be the chosen one, get down on your knees”?

Do my ears decieve me?  Did Matt Stryker just call Vickie Guerrero a cougar?

With only two spots left, how unfortunate is it that we can’t have Dolph Ziggler, MVP and Drew McIntyre in the Smackdown Money In The Bank match at the pay per view?

Usually when she rambles on, her voice is annoying, but is it possible that Vickie is MORE annoying when she gives short, shrill comments during commentary?

How did MVP lose the match if the referee didn’t even do the “arm test” for consciousness when Dolph Ziggler had MVP in the sleeperhold?  I didn’t see MVP tap out.

If no one from any of the Money In The Bank matches have retired yet, how does WWE know whether or not they’re “career shortening”?

Does anyone else think that Alberto Del Rio is really similar to the mayor in Mexico from Season 3 (or 4) of Weeds?

Jack Swagger attacking Rey Mysterio while he was getting medical treatment, probably a really bad decision, right?  Where does Jack Swagger think he’ll go if he gets injured?  Is that same trainer going to want to help him?

Is it possible that Rey Mysterio is actually being booked WEAKER during this title reign than during the last?  I didn’t think that was possible.

Why would we care that Curt Hawkins had fluid drained from around his elbow earlier today?

Vance Archer was apparently told to make an impact here on Smackdown.  How ironic is it that TNA used to ask Vance Archer to let his opponents lay the smackdown on him during Impact?

Didn’t Matt Hardy technically tag in Christian?  I guess it wasn’t a legal tag…

Are Hawkins & Archer actually undefeated as a tag team on Smackdown?

Did they really just insinuate that it took Drew McIntyre 2 weeks to get to Scotland, sign paperwork, and get back to the United States?

The mentioning of the Ricky Steamboat DVD on Smackdown and referencing the fact that it’ll remind the viewers how important / prestigious the Intercontinental Title IS?  Don’t they mean “WAS”?  When that belt starts getting defended in meaningful matches at pay per views, then they can start talking about its importance, but the bookers have all but killed the importance of that belt in recent years.

Matt Stryker welcomed us to “think about what Kofi might do with a ladder”, but given that Kofi was in Wrestlemania’s Money In The Bank match, can’d we just REMEMBER what he can do with a ladder?  I seem to remember stilts…

Why wouldn’t Kofi just let Drew McIntyre get counted out?  In hindsight, I’m sure he wishes he had.

Does anyone else think it looks like Alberto Del Rio is having a nervovus twitch when he winks?  It just looks unnatural… though the rest of his gimmick seems believable enough.

Serena being in trouble with the S.E.S. is the worst week of her life?  What about her first week of Straight Edge – no drinking / drugs / sex?

How would the S.E.S. find Serena in a bar?  What were THEY doing there?

Why would Luke Gallows be upset that CM Punk forgave Serena?  Sibling rivalry?

Matt Stryker making a 15 year old Sid Bream / Atlanta Braves reference was funny, especially after he just got done shooting down his fellow announcer a minute before because he made an untimely reference.  As part of the reference, when Stryker said that all of Atlanta was on their feet for JTG, did he even bother to look at the crowd around him?  I saw three people walking up the steps to visit the restroom / concessions, but those were the only folks I saw standing.

JTG was on a hot streak?  Did I miss something?  Don’t you actually have to get booked to win matches?  Hot streaks cool off

“Rear View” Josh Matthews!!   With Kelly Kelly wearing short shorts and Layla being… Layla, how happy would he have been to just stand back and watch those ladies from the background?

Yikes, “Rear View” interviews Big Show… and I bet he gladly ignores his new nickname this time around.

If Big Show wants to make Jack Swagger suffer, why does he keep throwing him outside the ring?  Why not just keep piling on the punishment inside the ring?  Clearly he doesn’t care about getting the win, but isn’t it easier for Swagger to run away outside the ring?

How is it that WWE hasn’t done much of anything with Kane the past few years, given his obvious talents?  If he was good enough to be in a movie, why not give him a chance to hold a championship?

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