The third week of build towards the Money In The Bank pay-per-view begins with Monday Night RAW, where the World Champion is a pale redhead with huge spiky hair and the General Manager is too busy to make any more of an effort than e-mail.

The following are the questions I have stemming from the event.


Nexus starts out in the ring, ready to learn their fate, and apparently they have a much bigger picture.  Unless they’re somehow tied-in with the new GM, might not their plan be subject to being flushed down the toilet?

Why are the arena lights tied to the GM’s emails?

Nexus competitors not being able to compete for any WWE titles for a while… wasn’t that sort of a given since they came from the Tuesday show no one watched?  Ezekiel Jackson was the last champion on the show before they got there, and he hasn’t seen a title shot since.

Why didn’t the RAW heels wait until Cena + 6 fought with Nexus for a while before trying to give them a beatdown?  They would’ve had a much easier time, even if Nexus were getting their asses kicked at the time.

What part of RESPECTFULLY declining to help Cena in targeting the Nexus involves attacking Cena + 6 from behind?  Maybe the Celtic language has a different meaning for RESPECTFULLY.

How bad at his job is the Anonymous General Manager when he would rather his wrestlers shake hands than fight?

Did the WWE Universe just miss the Stone Cold reference of “that’s the bottom line because the General Manager said so!”?  Only like 5 people in the arena cheered.

How big of a red herring is the Stone Cold reference likely to be, even though most people didn’t catch it live?

I don’t know if everyone watching RAW is seeing these Schick Hydro razor commercials where regular objects turn into bursts of water, but that brings up an interesting point:  why are we not seeing DIVA Wet Tshirt matches?  Even if it’s PG now, we didn’t see them back in the day either.  For all the mud wrestling matches we’ve seen (of which there were only a couple), wouldn’t they rather have matches where the ladies end up soaked?

More wasting of the slow-motion camera on a roster member other than Kelly Kelly / Maryse / Eve Torres?  Seriously, is it such a difficult concept to come up with?  It doesn’t take a creative genius…  Didn’t any of the WWE production crew watch Baywatch?

With Maryse at ringside doing commentary, is this possibly the first time WWE should use picture-in-picture to showcase the announce team?  Would anyone watch DiBiase vs Morrison?  Are Michael Cole or Jerry Lawler even watching the match?  Can you blame them?

Maryse got booed when she put on John Morrison’s jacket… does everyone agree that it’s not because she’s stealing Morrison’s property, but rather because she’s covering up her revealing attire?

If Maryse had walked off with Morrison’s jacket, would this be the first time since Jean-Pierre Lafeitte that a wrestling angle involved the theft of a guy’s jacket?  Is it ironic that the victims in both cases (Bret Hart and John Morrison) gained fans by giving away their sunglasses?

Would that quite possibly be the only parallel you could draw between Bret Hart and John Morrison?

(right, they both got their start in tag teams… good point.)

Did Santino Marella really just make a World War II reference regarding his teaming with Kozlov? Can they possibly get a tag team name to reflect something to that end?

Is this the first time ever that WWE and its competitor have both had legitimate claims to the Four Horsemen?

Why does the WWE insist on setting up The Miz vs R-Truth in a seemingly endless feud?  Doesn’t the belt lose value if those are the only two who seem interested

Am I the only one who doesn’t want to hear about irritated tug & pull during these commercials which take place in a locker room?  I know it’s for razors, but that doesn’t mean I’m paying enough attention to the television when I first hear them mention it.

What small portion of the WWE Universe join me in remembering Lex Luger slamming Yokozuna, the Lex Express, and the fact that while the WWE Classics segment made it seem like Luger won the WWE Championship at SummerSlam, he actually won the match by count-out because the bionic forearm knocked out Yokozuna but he was laying outside the ring and no one could get him back inside the ring?

During the Lex Luger celebration at the end of the WWE Classics moment, we saw The Macho Man hoist Luger up in victory.  Is that the first time we’ve seen any glimpse of Randy Savage in anything WWE related for a long time?

How much more awesome is The Miz’s rap than R-Truth’s version?  What’s Up?  The Miz.  What’s Up?  The Miz.

R-Truth has his name painted on his jeans.  Does that help keep people from getting confused while they’re touring and thinking that those are their pants?

Does this mean we’ll get to see The Miz feud with someone else over the United States title for a little while?

Some of the WWE Universe hate the fact that WWE is catering to the TV-PG audience.  How bad do those people hate commercials for Despicable Me?  Not exactly the same audience as Hot Tub Time Machine (the cast of which hosted RAW a while back).

Did Edge really just volunteer to lead Nexus?

Are Jericho and Edge really arguing which one of them should lead Nexus?

Should anyone be surprised that Evan Bourne showed up?  He was an invited guest of the Cutting Edge, afterall.

Wouldn’t it have been better if the GM had made the match featuring Evan Bourne, Edge and Chris Jericho a three-way instead of a tag match?

Who are the underdogs in this tag match – Orton & Bourne who get along with each other but have never teamed up, or Edge & Jericho who hate each other but used to be World Tag Team Champions with one another?

Does the fact that Edge just speared Chris Jericho – his partner for this tag match – send a message to Nexus that MAYBE he shouldn’t be trusted?  Worst sales pitch ever.

Seeing Orton hit a fellow good-guy with his front fallling neckbreaker for no apparent reason and still getting cheered for it just takes me back to Stone Cold Steve Austin.  Does anyone else think that it’s a ironic that they’re both nicknamed after snakes (the Rattlesnake and The Viper) and they use similar finishing moves?

If WWE is seen in more than 500 homes world-wide, more than MLB / NBA and NFL combined, why doesn’t WWE have an event bigger than the Super Bowl?

What would happen if a Nexus member joined & won one of the Money In The Bank matches?  Would they have to wait to cash it in on a champion until the RAW GM said so?

Note to self:  Jay Uso appears to have a partially shaved eyebrow.  Jimmy Uso appeared to have both eyebrows shaved.

If Alicia Fox is so concerned about being disrespected by Josh Matthews and wants to be interviewed more, shouldn’t she have faced him during the interview instead of having her back to him the majority of the time?  Maybe Josh Matthews prefers the “rear view”?

If I started referring to Josh Matthews as “Rear View” Josh Matthews, is there any chance that nickname would catch on?

Does anyone else think it’s a damn shame that Maryse stops wrestling for a while immediately following a pay per view in which her ring attire especially looked like lingerie?

What would happen in this match if Alicia Fox’s ankle injury during this match was legit?

How much better do you like Alicia Fox’s title reign now that she’s showing a little bit of heel ingenuity?

Given that the Cena / Barrett confrontation isn’t actually a match, does that mean that a DIVA’s Championship Match just main evented RAW?

How stupid is John Cena to come to the ring without backup for this confrontation with Wade Barrett, KNOWING that Nexus is allowed to attack him?

Should John Cena believe Wade Barrett when he says Cena is not in Nexus’ future plans… when David Otunga was telling Randy Orton a half hour ago that Nexus plans to attack the guys involved in the World Title Cage Match at the pay per view in two weeks?

Did John Cena just make a Back to the Future reference AND a Jetsons reference?  Does even half the WWE Universe understand EITHER of those references?  I’m cool with it.

Why wouldn’t John Cena hit the Attitude Adjustment on Wade Barrett?  He had him on his shoulders, all he had to do was throw him, but he stops just so he can get a hand on Heath Slater?

How many people forgot that Yoshi Tatsu and Goldust were on RAW before they showed up to help Cena with Nexus?

How bizarre is it to see Cena with the STFU locked onto the guy who some people call Black Cena, Darren Young?

Like Bizarro World?

With everything that Nexus has done to interfere in different matches and segments, why wouldn’t John Cena just get a bunch of guys from the locker room to be at ringside for the 7-on-1 Handicap Match next week and make a farce of it just like Nexus has been doing to other peoples’ matches?

People like to refer to John Cena as “Superman” for how WWE often books him as indestructable.  When he was beating up on Darren Young, didn’t he look more like The Incredible Hulk?  He was angry, and the ironic thing (when considering the Hulk comment) is that more people like him when he gets angry.

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