The second week of build-up towards SummerSlam and there’s a number one contender to Kane’s World Heavyweight Championship.  Will we get any more of an idea who put Undertaker on the shelf?  Will Kofi Kingston get any closer to a challenger for the Intercontinental Title?  What will LayCool’s involvement be?  Let’s find out.

Think of this as part feedback, part humor, and use the word SATIRE if you want.


What must it be like for the live crowd to watch as Kane and the casket come to ringside before the show starts?  Would it get a grand entrance, or would they just come to ringside without fanfare?

If they did a grand entrance, why wouldn’t they show it for us?  The Undertaker’s entrance is easily the most highly regarded in the business, and they could’ve used that for the casket’s entrance.

Is there ANY WAY that Rey Mysterio was the one who attacked Undertaker and put him on the shelf?

Could this be the first time EVER that Rey Mysterio has been mentioned as even possibly being a heel?  I’ve seen him since his latter days in ECW, all throughout WCW, and not once has he been pushed as a heel.

Not that I think Rey Mysterio is going to be considered a heel in all of this.  I’m anticipating he’ll deny any involvement in Undertaker’s current condition.

Is this the first time someone other than Undertaker has ever been the driving force in a casket match?  I’m thinking Jake Roberts vs Ultimate Warrior back in the late 1980’s could’ve been, but I don’t think it was.

I’m calling it now, Undertaker will appear in the once-empty casket during SummerSlam.

Why would Rey Mysterio agree to a No Disqualifications match with Jack Swagger, given that Rey is already the #1 contender and has nothing left to gain, and because Jack Swagger clearly wants to hurt Rey Mysterio’s ankle and has shown he’ll go to whatever lengths to make that happen – regardless of the rules?

The announcers mentioned that both Christian and Drew McIntyre are both trying to raise their stock, which begs the question, if you could buy stock in WWE competitors, whose would be worth more – Christian or Drew McIntyre?

Why do matches never end during the commercial break, even with taped shows where it would be really easy to show what transpired?  It would help enforce the fact that you shouldn’t take too long to use the fridge or bathroom during commercial breaks because you could miss something.  I’m not talking about every week or every month, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen it.

Matt Stryker just called Drew McIntire a student of the game.  Does Triple H get a quarter for the reference?

How is a headbutt considered innovative offense?  It’s likely one of the top three most basic forms of offense, behind kicks and punches.  The drop toe hold is far more innovative.  The inverted hangmans drop is more innovative.  Headbutt?  Come on…

That’s likely the first time I’ve ever seen a believable nearfall after a takedown directly from a standing armbar.

Does anyone else think that the phrase “no pain, no gain” doesn’t apply to wrestling?  I’ve seen a few guys win championships without enduring any pain at all.  Rey Mysterio against JBL at Wrestlemania a couple years ago, Kevin Nash against Bob Backlund for the World Championship.

Hulk Hogan isn’t a good example because he tweaked something during the Finger Poke Of Doom with Kevin Nash back in WCW.

If Alberto Del Rio was so perfect, why didn’t the camera get setup in such a way that we could see all four of the balls fall into pocket?

If CM Punk’s hair was shaved months ago, he was demasked two weeks ago to show he was completely balled, why is it that his hair seemed to grow a lot faster now that he’s not wearing the mask?

Does anyone else think that Luke Gallows looks like a slightly smaller version of Big Show?

Is it weird to think that Luke Gallows is a smaller version of anyone?

If anyone is going to attack Big Show to get Luke Gallows disqualified, shouldn’t it be someone other than CM Punk?  If Punk tried and failed, that could be bad for his arm.

If Big Show has an injured hand, does that make three guys who, in the first part of this show, have issues with their arms?  Punk, Christian, and now Big Show.

Looks like we might be able to take CM Punk off that list.

Dolph Ziggler beat Kofi Kingston cleanly last week.  Why does he have to win again THIS week just to earn an Intercontinental Championship match?

Did the announcers just give away the ending to this match when they said that Dolph Ziggler has quite an accomplishment by being able to say he’s beaten the Intercontinental Champion twice in two weeks?  They attempted to cover it up afterward by saying “That is, IF he wins”

Another match that doesn’t end during the commercial break.  My trips to the refrigerator are going to get longer, though admittedly I have DVR & TiVo (that’s right, both), so I’m not too worried about it.

If Kofi Kingston is able to jump out of the gym, how does that work in a close-roofed arena?

As Kofi Kingston is relentlessly pounding on Dolph Ziggler, one of the announcers claims they’ve never seen this side of Kofi before.  Does that include the violent feud Kofi had with Randy Orton?  Because I’d disagree.  Granted, he didn’t attack anyone’s Summer Slam Slurpee during that feud.

Spot the flying Slurpee!

The match ends in disqualification, which means Ziggler gets his title shot next week… so why couldn’t THIS match have been an Intercontinental Title match?  The match could’ve played out exactly the same way to setup the exact same match next week.

Wade Barrett says “you’re either Nexus, or you’re against us”, shouldn’t he add “or you’re on Smackdown” to that phrase?

Why do they call John Cena’s team “Team WWE”?  Isn’t Nexus part of WWE?  Isn’t it basically just “Team RAW” ?  Bret Hart really isn’t on any of the rosters, so would he even count as “Team WWE”?

Wow, another competitor spends most of his time during an interview with his back to “Rear View” Josh Matthews.  Who would’ve guessed?

Is there any chance that Jack Swagger actually attempts to throw Rey Mysterio into the Gulf of Mexico?

Does anyone remember when CM Punk did that to Chavo Guerrero on ECW?

I legitimately forgot my other Matthews / Swagger / Mysterio / Gulf of Mexico question when I saw what Kelly Kelly was wearing.

With women’s fashion quickly merging with lingerie, how long is it until women walk around in public wearing only pasties?

Seriously, if anyone has an estimate, let me know, I’d like to change lines of work to get in on the designing.

When does LayCool decide it’s time for Michelle McCool to defend their championship belts?

Why is Michelle McCool happy that she has to defend the Women’s Championship if she didn’t know she had to compete prior to getting to the ring?

Why is the announcer surprised that Tiffany showed up to fight?

With Kelly Kelly and Layla both at ringside, does anyone remember that they both started in WWE as members of the ECW dance team?

Did Teddy Long decide not to say “Excuse Me” when he showed up on the jumbotron because he might’ve gotten booed?

Why did Teddy Long just ruin the opportunity to make LayCool the first ever Womens Tag Team Champions?  They shouldn’t have to choose which of them is champion, and that would be a great angle.

Is it possible that Alberto Del Rio is going to eventually wear his mask?  He claims to be honorable, honest, enlightened, successfull… but his luchador name was Dos Caras, which means Two Faces, and if he’s a two-faced character, a mask could be a great opportunity for him to still maintain his claim to being honest with his non-masked persona.

I still maintain that Rey Mysterio shouldn’t have accepted this match, given his ankle issue and the fact that he has nothing to gain.

Matt Stryker agrees that Mysterio shouldn’t be competing tonight and that it was not a smart move to accept the match.

Do the announcers REALLY think REY Mysterio is as popular in Texas as he is in anywhere else in the world?  I’d think that San Diego, home of area code 6-1-9 for which Rey Mysterio’s signature move is named, probably lends one to believe that Rey might be more popular there.

With a hurt ankle, why would Rey Mysterio even try to balance on the edge of that guardrail?

Was anyone else thinking that with the green walls of that arena hallway that WWE could’ve done some sort of weird green-screen overlayto make it look like they were on the beach or battling fire or something like that?

Cars in the road while Mysterio and Swagger are walking around?  Nice touch.

Swagger says that Rey’s “not the champion”, claiming that he (Swagger) is the champion.  Is he failing to acknowledge that Kane is the World Champion? Especially after Kane scared the piss out of him a few weeks ago.

Did Rey Mysterio and Jack Swagger REALLY not notice Kane walking out onto that cement pier with them?

If Kane believes that Rey Mysterio is the one who put Undertaker on the shelf, why didn’t he get more violent with him than to just throw him in the water?

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