The second RAW leading up to SummerSlam, and last week we saw John Cena form his 7-person team to fight Nexus.  How will that work out?  Let’s see what WWE has in store for us.

This is part humor, part feedback / recap, and you can call it SATIRE if you want to.

So John Cena starts off the live action, and after weeks and weeks (possibly MONTHS) of Nexus coming after him at every turn, he shows up alone?  Seems like a ripe opportunity to me.

Will Nexus take advantage, or will they wait for him to talk trash about them first?

When John Cena mentioned that Nexus could take over RAW if they keep getting more power and influence, and ultimately that could be the end of Monday Night RAW, was anyone else thinking about Hulk Hogan and WCW?

Was anyone thinking about Hulk Hogan and TNA?

Was anyone thinking about Triple H?

When John Cena claimed that his team wasn’t the Super Friends, how loud was the collective GROAN amongst the IWC when he said he wasn’t Superman?

If this were Halloween, how great would it be for Edge and (forget Jericho) Christian to dress up as Batman & Robin and wrestle a match?  Comedic gold.

How funny would the Photoshop result be if someone did put Great Khali in Wonder Woman’s outfit?

The minute Chris Jericho showed up, I figured there was going to be some dissention in John Cena’s team.  If Jericho didn’t want to be on Cena’s team, why would he sign up to be “one of the seven” in the first place?

Does anyone else think that Chris Jericho probably should’ve just assembled his own team to fight Nexus?

Readers of this article, beit Mebers Of GuysNation or The B/R Bleaches,if you got to name the group, what would you call it – with Jericho as the leader?

…with Cena as the leader?

…with someone else as the leader?

A good riend of mine got engaged a few years back this time of year, and we attended that SummerSlam in Washington D.C., and as I remember that, I remember that Chris Jericho and John Cena feuded.  It’s funny, because Jericho says he wants to get John Cena OUT of WWE… and back then, ironically, Chris Jericho was forced to leave WWE when he lost to John Cena.

If John Cena is just like Nexus, tearing apart WWE like Nexus, then why does Jericho want to help Cena beat Nexus?

7-on-7 match at SummerSlam is an elimination match?  That’s the best WWE-related news I’ve heard since Kane got the belt on Smackdown.

“If you’re not down with that, the GM has two words for ya!”   Another key catchphrase used by the G.M. that goes completely ignored by the announcers and the fans.  What gives?

Is 7-11 sponsoring RAW?  I hardly noticed.  I think they need more than just these two commercials prior to the first match if they want people to notice.

Should it come as a surprise that Sheamus is the first ever Irish born WWE Champion?  It’s not like Ireland is a big country.  In fact, I’d say it’s a much bigger honor when someone becomes the first Russian-born WWE World Champion, or Australian-born, or African-born, or Chinese-born.  They don’t ever announce that

Does Jey Uso sand a chance at all against Randy Orton?  The other Uso, their female companion Tamina, and Sheamus all at ringside… Can this match be sponsored by “outside interference”?

Jimmy Uso tries to interfere… and fails.  One down, two to go?

RKO, that’s all she wrote.  “Outside Interference” doesn’t get their money’s worth.

Jimmy Uso gets involved after the match, tide turns against him, Sheamus looks to help, Jimmy Uso pays the price… and now Randy Orton knocks out Sheamus with an RKO…

And The Miz tries again to cash in his Money In The Bank contract… did he take care of R-Truth first?

Doesn’t matter, Randy Orton isn’t down with the concept of The Miz getting the World Title on his hard work.

Will The Miz get his briefcase back this time?  I don’t think the match officially started that time, either.

Does anyone else hope this continues as a running gag for The Miz?  I’m not saying it should happen every week, but I’d like to see a twarted attempt once a month until at least December.

Cena and Edge at odds… Edge and Great Khali… does this friction amongst The Rated-StaRship Liontamer Chain Gang Truthiness Foundation spell certain defeat at SummerSlam?  GuysNation thinks so.

Michael Cole just assumes the email is from the General Manager?  Does no one else have that email address, or is the alert set-up to only blink the lights / play the sound when it’s from the RAW G.M.?

Michael Cole asks who will ever forget the SummerSlam Recal moment from the 1988 event?  How about the fact that the majority of the WWE Universe was yet to be born at that point (don’t believe me? attend a WWE show), and most of the rest of the WWE Universe weren’t watching it at that point.

If Rajin Singh doesn’t like The Great Khali, why would he have told him about what Edge had said?  I guess it’s another angle being dropped by WWE… unless he intends to help Edge during the “win or you’re off the team” match.

How would Edge have the authority to kick someone off of John Cena’s team?  Even if Chris Jericho is in charge, does Edge really think that’s going to stick?

Even with the failed logic of Edge’s “win or you’re off the team” threat to Khali, how good are the odds that it would actually stick if Edge wins this match?

If Edge tried the same thing with kicking R-Truth or John Morrison off the team, I would bet the outcome wouldn’t hold up the same.

If Edge really does hold that opinion about Khali, why is he so timid about getting involved in this match?  If Khali is a threat, then why wouldn’t he want Khali on his team to battle the Nexus?

The Nexus are surrounding Khali and are going for the attack?  Wait, why are they backing up and letting him leave peacefully?  Maybe I was right in my article about last week’s RAW about how Jericho and Edge should’ve just tried to back away peacefully instead of instigating the attack.
(by the way, I’d appreciate it, if you haven’t already read last week’s article, I only need a few more hits before I hit a “hot read”.  View my profile to get the link)

What are the odds that someone accidentally told Nexus it was time for their match, and they made a pre-mature entrance – DURING the Edge / Khali match instead of waiting until AFTER the match?

Yoshi Tatsu seems to have new tights (admittedly he could’ve had them a month ago and I might not have noticed), is anyone else surprised he’s still on the roster, let alone getting new attire made for him?  The dragon is sweet, though.

Yoshi Tatsu, eliminated in the first 90 seconds.  Anyone surprised?

If Evan Bourne is eliminated anytime soon, I’d be surprised.

How awesome could a Justin Gabriel vs Evan Bourne match be?  WWE should bring back the Cruiserweight title.

If Nexus can’t beat the RAW B-Team, why should we even tune in to SummerSlam?

How great would it be if the WWE creative team had built an opportunity into this 7-on-7 to build the foundation (no pun intended) to a future tag team feud, given that the Hart Dynasty are there?

Heath Slater’s jumping modified leg-sweep, Tarver’s direction-changing slam, David Hart Smith’s long, stalling vertical suplex, how good is this match at helping to showcase some of these younger guys’ skills?

Why am I still not impressed by David Otunga’s spinebuster slam/bomb?

After what happened to him last week against Wade Barrett, what are the odds that Mark Henry decides to stay off the top rope tonight?

How much bigger does Skip Sheffield look tonight, now that you can see him next to Mark Henry?

Evan Bourne and Tyson Kidd are the only two left from the RAW team after Mark Henry is eliminated;  two more great examples of guys who could make for a really good cruiserweight division.

Darren Young’s full nelson urinage… slightly sloppy but still looked pretty damn cool.

Evan Bourne’s the only one left, and I guess that sounds about right, with my prediction that he wouldn’t be eliminated for a while.

Why is it that none of the guys from the RAW team showed up to keep Evan Bourne from getting decimated after the match?  Their failure to arrive just makes them look bad.

If Justin Gabriel hurts himself each time he does the 450 splash, maybe it’s time to find a new signature move?

Maybe I’m mistaken, but wasn’t at least one member of Nexus eliminated from this 7-on-7?  Someone should ask Wade Barrett how that constitutes “total domination”.

How long until a WWE roster member actually joins Nexus?  The angle is obviously an updated re-telling of the nWo storyline, and it would be a decent way to keep this angle fresh, with people wondering who might join Nexus next.

Why not get the full money’s worth out of an angle?

How ironic was it that Jerry Lawler said he wasn’t going to be able to enjoy the Diva’s match because of a headache, given the number of times women must’ve given him that excuse over the years?

With all the dodgy hoodwinks from Alicia Fox over the past several weeks, how fitting would it have been for the Bella Twins to have done the switch-eroo on Alicia?

How much heel heat could Alician Fox have gotten by simply letting Jillian keep singing?

All this talk from Michael Cole about why people are potentially jealous of Ted DiBiase due to his relationship with Maryse, is it your “arm” that you really want Maryse “on”?

Another pair from John Cena’s SummerSlam team are fighting, with former friends R-Truth and John Morrison butting heads.  Think Cena might want to consider re-drafting?

John Morrison appears to be growing a beard… does that seem to signify a heel turn?

Randy Orton doesn’t turn his back on “Rear View” Josh Matthews… could the young interviewer be gaining some respect?

Had Randy Orton turned his back on “Rear View” Josh Matthews, should the interviewer have expected to be the victim of an RKO?

How awesome would it be if John Cena were to sign & date each of those hats and shirts he launches into the audience before his matches?

Why would anyone argue over wanting to START a tag team match?  I’d much rather stay on the apron and have the odds of getting involved when I get an advantage because my opponent has already been wrestling for a minute or two.

Does that make me smart, does it make me a heel, or does it make me both?

“You can bet Nexus is watching this match intently”.  Hey Jerry Lawler, great analysis.  A group of guys who want to make their mark… paying attention to two guys they’re going to be facing at SummerSlam AND the top two singles titles holders on RAW?  They’re clearly not idiots.

Did Jericho really just get so excited by dropkicking Sheamus off the mat that he FORGOT he was wrestling The Miz?

Did Jerry Lawler JUST realize that the email from the the beginning of the show made a Shawn Michaels reference… and that RAW is in San Antonio, Texas… Shawn Michaels’ hometown?  Maybe Lawler should get dropped on his head before RAW each week, and maybe by the middle of the show he’ll start picking up his game a bit.

Michael Cole references Sheamus’ good first year in WWE… does anyone remember how great Kurt Angle’s first year in WWE was?  He won more than a couple championships that year.

Why does The Miz question the referee’s decision to stop the count when CLEARLY Chris Jericho was holding the rope?  Nothing questionable there…

Michael Cole never thought he’d see Chris Jericho and John Cena working together, or maybe The Miz / Sheamus, or maybe both.  Given Cena’s obvious love of the color orange, would Cena / Sheamus be a more likely pairing?

For anyone who remembers the storyline where The Miz was coming to the ring week after week and “challenging” John Cena despite Cena not being in attendance, how weird does it seem to see The Miz pin John Cena in the main event tonight?

How is it that The Great Khali, who doesn’t speak much english, is trying to be the voice of reason for The Rated-StaRship Liontamer Chain Gang Truthiness Foundation?

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