The night after the Money In The Bank pay per view, WWE gives us RAW.  The Miz has the guaranteed World Title shot to use whenever he wants, Sheamus is still our pale champion with a bad attitude and a well-groomed beard.  Nexus is still lurking and yet have decided not to target Smackdown.  How does WWE continue on towards SummerSlam besides filling 7-11 with their cups and straws?  Let’s find out.

Keep in mind, this is part analysis, part humor.

If WWE is going to tell us how Nexus was trying to get to both Sheamus and John Cena during last night’s World Title Cage match, then why show us a dual image where there doesn’t appear to be a single Nexus member in the picture with Sheamus?

Poor production choice.

Does anyone think Mark Henry is going to beat Wade Barrett tonight?  Does anyone think Mark Henry SHOULD beat Wade Barrett tonight?  It would be a huge deal for Wade Barrett to get a legitmate win, and I hope it happens.

We start off RAW with a Number One Contenders triple threat match where the winner is in the main event at SummerSlam?  Something tells me this isn’t going to end cleanly, otherwise they may as well save it for tonight’s main event so people can call their friends and ensure they tune-in for the important contest later in the evening.  Either “To Be Continued” or a poor timing choice.  We’ll see.

Is it weird to think that with the way the bookings have been recently, that if a fourth competitor were chosen for this match it would likely be… Evan Bourne?

Why doesn’t WWE ever do elimination style matches?  Not all three-ways have to be triple threat.

Is it because they don’t want two of their competitors to take pinfalls or submissions?  A double-team / cheating / short-term injury could easily dull the impact of one of the falls.

What is it about Randy Orton’s offense – after getting beaten up for the majority of the early part of the match – is mentally damaging to Edge and/or Jericho? How about some analysis on that topic, Michael Cole?

A four-second short-term memory = Vintage Michael Cole!

How many kids right now are begging their parents to let them get all four WWE Slurpee cups and all four WWE Slurpee straws?

How many kids saw the Burger King commercial where the guy rolls his friend down a cliff in a wheel and suddenly want to try it?

How many teenage kids saw the same commercial about the guy in a wheel and decided they wanted to try to find a wheel to use?

How many adults in the WWE universe are actually thinking about trying it?

With Randy Orton doubled over, why didn’t Jericho go for the Code-Breaker instead of just kicking Orton in the head?

Poor logic loses matches, Jericho.  Veterans are supposed to understand that.

Did anyone actually think Jericho was going to make Randy Orton tap out?  We hadn’t seen Edge in a minute or two, but surely he was bound to show up sooner or later.

So Edge is a “Master Psychologist”?  Randy Orton tears his opponents down physically and mentally?  Triple H is the Cerebral Assassin?  At what point can someone just be a dumb jock and we’re okay with that?

Hey WWE, you claim that people aren’t supposed to bring cameras to your events but right after Randy Orton won this triple threat match, I counted four different people holding up cameras to take Randy Orton’s picture.  Is the rule just lip-service?  I’ll keep that in mind next time I go to one of your events.

How crazy is it that WWE has a commercial for their Elimination Chamber DVD and there’s not a single cllip (that I saw) including Jeff Hardy (2 Elimination Chamber appearances), Bobby Lashley, Booker T, Batista, Mike Knox or Rob Van Dam?

If Edge wanted to see Chris Jericho face to face, why did he let him go backstage in the first place?

If Edge wants to end things with Chris Jericho after 11 years, why not just start ignoring him?  Is anything other than an alliance going to cause things to end?

With the over-sized, N-containing yellow block on the front of their shirt, did Nexus make their own shirts, or did they work with the same folks who made the logo on the front of Big Show’s shirt way too big?

Why did Edge initiate the attack on the Nexus if Nexus had said that they’d be lucky to be aligned with either Jericho or Edge?

Why did Jericho make the same mistake?

Both of those guys are better at talking, and yet they chose a huge odds disadvantage instead of trying to use logic to gain allies?

Nexus claims that their problem isn’t with wrestlers, it’s with management, so why do people keep making themselves enemies?

If I said that Triple H on the cover of the WWE Magazine reminded me of Monty Brown / Marcus Cor Von, would anyone know what I’m talking about?

Would anyone else make the connection between The Alpha Male and the fact that Chris Jericho basically executed The Pounce when Edge was attempting to go for the Spear on Orton in the opening match of the night.

“Rear View” Josh Matthews gets to walk away from someone tonight?  Quite the difference from people walking away from him in past weeks… and given that he’s the only one to escape Wade Barrett and the Nexus without getting his ass kicked, maybe that’s a triumph.

If Wade Barrett seems to think that they’re as good individually as they are collectively, then why is it that tonight’s match against Mark Henry is the only time I’ve seen them compete individually?  I’d like to see them gain some individual credibility, but so far they aren’t getting any.

Did John Cena really just say he’s thinking of joining Nexus?

If they let him join, will the box on his shirt surrounding the “N” be in orange?

If he becomes part of a big group like that, will John stop using his “you can’t see me” catchphrase, given that he’ll be harder to see anyway with all the other people around him?

How awesome is it when Maryse does her little hair-flip thing during the match instead of just before it?

Why does John Morrison get cheered for attacking Ted DiBiase Jr? DiBiase was clearly just arguing with the referee because he disagreed with the decision the referee made, but it’s not like DiBiase attacked him.

When are people going to start realizing that John Morrison’s big beef with Ted DiBiase is because DiBiase has Maryse and he doesn’t?


Someone should remind Sheamus that he’s never beaten John Cena in a regular one-on-one match.  Using gimmick matches to beat Cena doesn’t necessarily constitute dominance, does it?

Sheamus says that John Cena should approach Nexus and talk about a truce… does Sheamus not watch the parts of the show he isn’t involved in?

Does anyone REALLY think that The Miz would actually cash in the Money In The Bank guaranteed title shot at a time during RAW when Sheamus hasn’t even had a match that night?

How awesome would it be if The Miz temporarily changed his theme song to be “Every Breath You Take” by The Police, given that he’s already quoting the lyrics to Sheamus as he claims to be the Celtic Warrior’s Celebrity Stalker?

A friend of mine assures me that idea is good in theory, not in practice.

How does Sheamus NOT control the fate of the WWE World Title?  All The Miz has is a guaranteed opportunity to fight for the belt.  The Miz, not that smart.

If Evan Bourne was going to tape up one of his hands, why not the other one?

Why doesn’t Evan Bourne aim one of those kicks at Sheamus’ knee if he wants to do some real damage with them?

Why would The Miz be on the edge of his seat?  It’s not like he has to do anything until the match is completely over, in which case The Miz would easily have at least 3 seconds to stretch, then stand up, then signal to the time keeper that he intends to cash in his briefcase.  In The Miz’s example, he said he would attack Sheamus backstage and then cash in the briefcase and drag Sheamus to the ring.

Why are people cheering for The Miz as he’s cashing in the Money In The Bank?  Is it just because they’re potentially watching history happen?

If the match with Sheamus never starts, does it really count that The Miz cashed in the Money In The Bank?

Wow, Michael Cole just answered my question.  The Miz still keeps his briefcase / title shot.  Sheamus needs to buy R-Truth a fruit basket or at least a bottle of booze.  Jameson maybe?

How much taller does Zack Ryder seem in comparison when he stands next to William Regal and Santino?  I’d like to see him stand next to Sheamus and/or Orton.

They just mentioned that William Regal is the “former King of the Ring”… did someone else win a tournament that I don’t remember?  Otherwise I’d think Regal is STILL considered King of the Ring.

All angles aside, is anyone else excited to see Wade Barrett compete in this match to see what this kid can do?

Wade Barrett, bare-knuckle brawler by trade?  Why is it that he goes for two headbutts on Mark Henry before he even goes for his second punch?  Even after he hurt himself with the first one?

Why in the world was a man of Mark Henry’s size climbing the turnbuckle anyway?  Did he really think that was going to end well for him?

That might be the one and only time that Mark Henry reminds me of Ric Flair, who ALWAYS gets thrown off the top rope.

With Michael Tarver claiming that Nexus promises to at least listen to what John Cena has to say, does that make the actions of Edge & Chris Jericho earlier tonight seem that much more foolish by comparison?

John Cena’s shirt says “Never Give Up”… but isn’t that what he’s doing if he joins Nexus?

If Wade Barrett wanted John Cena to be a member of Nexus from the beginning, why didn’t he just say so?

Does Wade Barrett REALLY think that John Cena could have 10 times the success with them that he had without them?  That’s a lot of championship reigns… or at least a really REALLY long one.

Wade Barrett is offering John Cena two options (stay and get beatdown, OR walk away as a coward), how obvious is it that John Cena was going to have a third option?  Did anyone really think that RAW was going to end with John Cena just walking away?

Cena’s got help, forming a team of his own?  It’s a shame this can’t continue until Survivor Series, because this is the perfect angle for Survivor Series.

Bryan Danielson HAS to be on John Cena’s team, right?  Is there a better option than the member who left after the first night, only after apologizing?

Couldn’t John Morrison have found a shirt at some point between when he attacked Ted DiBiase and when he joined Team Cena?   Does Khali EVER have a shirt?

Would John Cena have needed to re-recruit if Nexus had accepted the offer from Jericho or Edge earlier tonight?

I shouldn’t be surprised that Bret Hart is part of Cena’s army, but I would’ve rather Bryan Danielson had been worked in there somewhere.

I’m not sure R-Truth or Khali belong on any “super team”, but I’ll take it.  I guess one of them is fast and agile, the other is tall and tough.  Not that it would take a super team to beat Nexus.

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