The last Monday Night RAW prior to SummerSlam, and thus far there are only two matches set for the pay per view which eminate from the RAW.  Will we get anything else from RAW?  John Cena’s team still needs two more members.  What’s going on with Chris Jericho and Edge?  How will Bret Hart react to the entire situation?  Will there be a tag team championship match for SummerSlam?

How many of those answers will we get tonight?

Let’s find out what gets answered and what questions arise.

How odd is it that Bret Hart is in a tag team match which includes two other Canadian wrestlers and his tag team partner… is American.

Bret Hart wearing a Batman shirt…?  Doesn’t he have merchandise to hawk from his own website?

Wouldn’t a Punisher tshirt be more appropriate for the master of the sharpshooter?

How great is it to see Bret Hart call out Edge and Chris Jericho?  Kinda surreal to me, with all the years of wrestling I’ve watched.  I don’t care if Bret Hart can’t bump anymore, his return is worth it just to get moments like this.

I’m glad Bret Hart didn’t kiss Chris Jericho’s ass by saying that Jericho is “the best in the world at what he does”.  The only person Bret should be calling “the best” is himself… even if he’s not able to do much of anything in the ring right now.

How legit humbled did Chris Jericho look when Bret Hart was yelling at him like a father, coach or an uncle telling a kid what they SHOULD be doing?

Did anyone think that Chris Jericho was actually going to have changed his mind?

How much better will the footage of the “attack” by Edge & Jericho on Bret Hart look once it’s edited up to take shorter time?

Why did Bret Hart and Natalya wait until Wade Barrett stopped the attack and made his statement before they started running backstage to help the Hart Dynasty?

John Cena had all week to talk to The Great Khali.  With a match this important, why didn’t he try to track down the Enormous Indian days ago?

Wow, The Miz involved in something that doesn’t involve the World Title?  It’s like someone remembered that Orton & Sheamus need to build their own match.  Maybe we’ll get some sort of build-up towards a United States Championship feud.

The Miz wins cleanly and I can’t help but think that an opportunity was missed to find a way to take the United States title off of The Miz eventually.

For a moment I thought we were going to get a Smackdown Rewind, but not so much.  Just a SummerSlam run-down involving the Rey Mysterio / Kane title match…. which should be a casket match.

If Alicia Fox is the Diva’s Champion, shouldn’t she get to walk out on the red carpet entrance ramp just like Melina?  May as well show her a little respect.

Maybe when moves get botched like the flipping bomb that Melina did to end the match with Alicia Fox, we don’t need to get 3 replays of it.

How many people in the WWE Universe were hoping that Great Khali was going to be on Team Nexus?

I’m not sure that I understood the English version of The Great Khali’s challenge to Wade Barrett any better than I understood the Indian version.  And that begs the question: if The Great Khali could speak in English, why not always speak in English?  Any chances this is going to signal the end of his translator?

Finally!  Something happens during the commercial break that they have to give us a recap for!

Diva’s champion Alicia Fox gets beaten by her challenger (Melina) and the challenger earns herself a title shot.  Why couldn’t Smackdown work that way with Dolph Ziggler?  He had to beat Kofi Kingston TWICE to earn his title shot (which he won three days ago, by the way)?

Mark Henry auditions for a replacement spot?  He should’ve talked with Bret Hart or John Cena ahead of time.  If anyone’s going to be making the decision, it’s NOT going to be John Morrison or R-Truth.

How cool did it look when Wade Barrett “deployed the troops” to deal with Mark Henry once he found out that Mark Henry was hoping to be a replacement member of Team RAW?

Maryse walks out from the back and the slow-motion cam is YET AGAIN not used.  Why does WWE insist on failing?  It would work perfectly for the hair flip.

Is it possible they’re worried about a wardrobe malfunction?

We can dream, can’t we?

Ted DiBiase has stated he wanted a spot on Team RAW, why couldn’t he have offered to buy the spot from Henry prior to the match?  I guess he didn’t want any piece of being at odds with Nexus, and without Edge on the team, he no longer has a “friend” on the squad.

If Nexus has a locker room now, why did they have to leave through the crowd?

How ironic is the sign “Sheamus The Lamest”?  It’s probably the worst sign I’ve ever seen.  Polkadots on the “Lamest”?  C’mon…   Pink posterboard instead of at least orange or green (for Sheamus’ hair or his “Celtic” gimmick)?

Did Sheamus just say he’s not afraid of anyone in the WWE?  Didn’t he RUN FROM NEXUS a few weeks ago?

Is Sheamus really surprised that Randy Orton accepted his invitation to show up to the ring?  Maybe he should be surprised that Randy Orton isn’t wearing pants, or doesn’t wear a watch, or doesn’t ever wear a shirt other than his signature gas-mask themed shirt… but not that he showed up.

The NXT Season 2 rookies have a match, and none of their Pros are in attendance?  Would’ve been a nice touch.

Very crafty tag by Husky Harris.  I don’t know why, but this guy definitely seems like a WWE Superstar in the making.  What are the odds that Samoa Joe would’ve been treated like him if he had signed with WWE?

Who better to launch with the crucifix bomb than the smallest member of NXT Season 2?

Did it actually look like John Morrison and R-Truth weren’t going to be cohesive, or did the announcers just make the comment to try to add some strife that wasn’t actually there?

Team WWE only has 5 members right now… why wouldn’t there be a match if they can’t get two more members?  Wouldn’t it just be 7-on-5?  They’re letting 3 members of the Straight Edge Society take on Big Show in a handicap match…

Couldn’t Team WWE recruit from Smackdown?  It’s not like it’s “Team RAW”.

The Bella Twins walking through the back hallways, showing lots of cleavage, carrying long, clear, cylindrical objects… and this is TV-PG?

Sorry, needed a life jacket to get my mind out of the gutter.

How awesome is Santino’s 1920’s style swimsuit?

Why is it that women who wear outfits as small as bikinis when they wrestle regularly are wearing modest one-piece bathing suits tonight during this beach-themed match?

How sad is it that Smackdown has the potential for a Women’s Tag Division (given the current status of their Women’s Championship being held by two women currently) and RAW has more than enough Diva’s for a Women’s tag division, including a very natural team of the Bella Twins?

Is anyone else loving these SummerSlam rewinds?  I totally remember Big Boss Man feuding with The Mountie back in the day.

With 15 minutes left until 11 pm and we haven’t had the Bret Hart & John Cena vs Edge & Jericho match yet, did anyone think the match between Wade Barrett and The Great Khali was actually going to happen?

We’ve seen the attacks from Nexus all night, WWE, we can figure out that the leader of Nexus isn’t going to actually compete.

For a minute there, I thought Bret Hart asked “who is that guy?” after The Miz walked away following Bret & Cena offering him a potential spot on Team WWE.

Aren’t Bret Hart & John Cena the two least likely RAW superstars to want help from The Miz, given their feuds in the past?  Other than Vince McMahon, the only person Bret Hart has feuded with since his return has been The Miz.

Jerry Lawler claims that Bret Hart has teamed up with a lot of great wrestlers over the years, having won tag team championship gold with some of them… but isn’t Jim Neidhart the only one with whom Bret Hart has won tag team gold?

Furthermore, I can’t remember a lot of tag matches that Bret Hart had without Jim Neidhart with him.  Maybe other members of the Hart extended family.  Once with either Hogan or Sting back in WCW.  But anybody else?  Not that immediately comes to mind… though I do remember once time with Hakushi / Jinsei Shinzaki… but I doubt that’s who Jerry Lawler means.

Was that haymaker from John Cena on Wade Barrett the first time someone from WWE has gotten something over on Nexus?

Why would 7-on-4 odds be any less equitable for Nexus than 7-on-2?

How great is it that WWE’s stationary camera in the audience SHAKES when the crowd is cheering wildly?  I’m sure it frustrates WWE production team members, but having grown up in DC and enjoyed Washington Redskins games in RFK where the stands would shake, I love it.

Follow-up questions:

So Edge and Chris Jericho have rejoined Team RAW… but what about Great Khali?  Is he going to be able to be there on Sunday?

If Sunday comes around and Great Khali can’t wrestle, would The Miz be begging to be on the team if there are others who are stepping up to try to take the final spot?  Evan Bourne might want to join in on the fun.

We get another match added to SummerSlam, and instead of something involving the United States Title or the Tag Titles, we get a Women’s Championship match?  Hopefully Melina and Alicia Fox can practice that flip-over bomb a couple more times before sunday to keep them from botching it.

Even having scored the pinfall in the NXT Season 2 Rookies six-man tag match, is it possible that Husky Harris will still be eliminated tomorrow on NXT?

Is it possible that the majority of the readers of this article don’t watch NXT and don’t care who gets eliminated?

Is Santino actually starting an angle with Tamina Uso?

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