With 9 days left before SummerSlam (a week from tonight, actually), what are we going to learn about Smackdown?  Let’s just dive right in.

How less impressive do Rey Mysterio’s pyrotechnic fireworks look when the cameras are zoomed way out?

Did anyone think that Rey Mysterio was going to do anything other than to deny involvement in Undertaker’s situation?

If you had an announcement to make as important as what Rey Mysterio was going to announce – something that would divert the blame from people thinking he had put Undertaker in a vegetative state – would you let Drew McIntyre and his 90 second entrance stop you?

Why didn’t anyone suspect the “Sinister Scotsman” in Undertaker’s situation?

Does anyone else buy into a little bit of what Drew McIntyre was saying about Rey not being a hero because he didn’t step in when Punk and Swagger were being blamed for what happened to Undertaker?  None of his business?  If Rey Mysterio knows who did it, he should’ve spoken up.

Rey Mysterio fighting yet a different opponent as we get closer and closer to SummerSlam.  How does this help us get excited about Rey vs Kane?

With Rey Mysterio having a different opponent each week, why doesn’t Kane have to fight anyone?

How is it the world broadcast premiere of John Cena’s new movie if I already saw it on Monday during RAW?  Do they think there’s two totally separate audiences?

How long did it take Cody Rhodes to practice enough so his actions mimiced what’s happening on his jumbotron video, making it look like he’s looking in the mirror?

With all the talk about Cody Rhodes not wanting any contact to his face, am I the only one who wishes Rikishi was still in WWE with the Stinkface?  That’s the first and last time I’ve ever had that thought.

Great point by the announcers about how vastly different Dusty Rhodes was to Cody Rhodes.  Didn’t I mention that last week (or the week before)?

Cody Rhodes going for the Alabama Slam, does anyone else think that might be an homage to the partner with whom he first won the tag team titles, Hardcore Holly?

Does anyone else even remember Hardcore Holly, or the fact that Cody teamed up with him?

Is anyone else getting tired of the repetitive Alberto del Rio promos?  Just debut already.

Jumping rope is doing Rosa Mendes plenty of favors

Did LayCool really just break the Women’s Championship Belt in half?

After breaking the Women’s Championship Belt in half, did LayCool really just call the belt “flawless”?  I get the fact that “flawless” is one of their catch-phrases, but is anything LESS flawless than a belt broken in half?

How about a LayCool photoshoot with those ladies trying to collectively wear the one Women’s Championship belt?  They’d have to hug each other tightly, but it could be kinda hot.

The fact that fans will cheer for Kofi Kingston, who hails from Ghana, instead of American Dolph Ziggler, just shows that the World Cup Soccer tournament has no effect on wrestling fans, with Ghana having eliminated the United States each of the past two tournaments.

According to the announcers, there’s a huge card already for SummerSlam.  Really?  I only count three matches thus far.

Did Dolph Ziggler just grab his pant zipper after blowing a kiss to Vickie Guerrero?

Did Kofi Kingston just hit Trouble In Paradise, FAIL to even TRY to go for a pinfall, and then Ziggler just gets right back up and hits his own finisher?  Weird ending.

Why not wait for SummerSlam to make the Intercontinental Title switch to Dolph Ziggler?

Does anyone else think Kofi Kingston seems 10 times more awesome now that he’s getting super violent with Dolph Ziggler these past two episodes of Smackdown?

Is that the first time anyone has busted the announcers table just by slamming someone on it?

How awesome could Kofi Kingston be as a heel?  The look on his face as he walked away from the ring? He could be perfect.

Didn’t CM Punk get rid of the arm sling last week?  He told Big Show that he didnt really need it anymore, and now here it is?

Wait, a handicap match at SummerSlam?  Big Show against Punk, Gallows, and Joseph Mercury?  How bad will that look for the Straight Edge Society if Big Show gets the win.

Is this the first time Chris Masters has been on Smackdown in months?  Same with JTG?  I’ve been doing this article on Smackdown for months and I don’t remember seeing either of them going back before the start of July.

Do we really need to test the cohesiveness of the Straight Edge Society, a group which has been together for months?

Did I miss something, or did the Straight Edge Society keep their opponents from making a tag at all?  I think we only saw MVP in this match.

It continues to confound me that we’re supposed to boo a group of people who are striving to do their best, unaccepting of mediocrity, who tries to stray away from the vices of drinking, drugs, and promiscuity?

When the Cody Rhodes Manscaping segment started and it was apparent that his grooming tips were focused on the eyebrows, did anyone else think that an interpromotional match between Cody and Santino Marella was in order?

If RAW and Smackdown are supposed to be equal, why does Smackdown show a RAW Rebound, but RAW doesn’t show a Smackdown Rebound?

Maybe they figure everyone is reading my Smackdown recap articles (like this one) and don’t need a recap.

Hey Kane, what part of Rey Mysterio’s actions make you think he’s afraid of you?  The fact that he’s willing to fight other competitors week after week leading up to SummerSlam while you get to rest?

When the announcer says you can’t count out the luchador, does he mean literally or figuratively, because that would be awesome if Mysterio could hang outside the ring as long as he wanted without any ramifications.

Why would anyone throw Mysterio into the ropes with an irish whip, given the fact that Rey’s offense relies on momentum about as much as high flying?   McIntyre should’ve stuck with using his power advantage.

Drew McIntyre is trying to figure out how to end the match against Rey?  How about not just standing there?  He let Mysterio get back up to his feet on his own terms, not even punching or kicking him.  That’s NOT the way to win a match.

Is there any chance Mysterio is going to get the chance to make the announcement?

Interrupted again, but at least this time it’s Rey’s SummerSlam opponent, Kane, doing the interrupting.  That’s a step up, right?

Kane blames Mysterio, now Mysterio blames Kane… is this not the weirdest reason to feud over the World Title in the history of the championship?

So in summary, what are the big questions?

Will Rey Mysterio fight yet a different opponent on next week’s Smackdown to further keep his mind off of Kane and the World Championship?

Will Dashing Cody Rhodes keep his manscaping tips above the belt and not go “there”?  DX says it’s off-limits.

Will Kofi Kingston and Dolph Ziggler fight for a fourth Smackdown in a row, and if so, will Dolph win that match, too?

Smackdown only has two matches thus far scheduled for the SummerSlam pay per view.  Will WWE remember to ask Big Show (who represents 1/4 of the competitors for Smackdown on the SummerSlam card) to show up and do something?  It’d be nice to have him accounted for.

Will Big Show be wearing a cast, and if so, will the Straight Edge Society claim it’s not fair that three guys have to compete against a giant and a piece of plaster?

Now that Dolph Ziggler finaly has the Intercontinental Championship, will he dump Vickie Guerrero by the side of the road and be done with her?

Are the announcers going to continue to refer to Matt Hardy as the heart and soul of Smackdown when he continues to lose matches?

Will LayCool learn the benefits of duct tape or velcro now that their belt is broken?

Is there any chance we actually see MVP, JTG or Chris Masters AT ALL next week?

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