SummerSlam answered quite a few questions, but it also brought about some new ones – some pertaining to RAW, others Smackdown.

With the return of Daniel Bryan / Bryan Danielson (whom I will refer to as “American Dragon” because I can’t get used to calling him Daniel Bryan), it’s obvious that he and The Miz are going to continue their feud.  How soon will “American Dragon” get a shot at the United States Championship.

The Randy Orton / Sheamus match at SummerSlam ended in disqualification.  At the next pay per view, will Sheamus again defend the belt against Randy Orton, or will someone else get a chance?

Will Nexus reveal their reasons for attacking Kofi Kingston at SummerSlam, or will they wait for Smackdown?  Is there any chance Kofi shows up on RAW?

Was the change to purple & yellow a one-night thing for John Cena, or will that replace the orange and blue?

Are new contenders to the World Tag Team Championships going to emerge for the Hart Dynasty to feud with?

Will John Cena continue feuding with Nexus directly, or will Chris Jericho make good on his promise from a month ago to start a feud with Cena?

How long until we see the return of Triple H?

With Team WWE bringing in “American Dragon” last night, will Nexus successfully recruit anyone to its squad, pulling from the RAW roster?

Let’s see which, if any, of those questions were answered as WWE presents the August 16 edition of RAW.

Despite losing the elimination match last night, the show begins with Nexus coming to the ring.  Nexus is using the concept “that which doesn’t kill us makes us stronger”, so does that mean that last night was a “can’t lose” situation?

Purple and yellow remains… is this just a Los Angeles thing?  Apparently this is a two-night engagement in the Staples Center, so I’m not surprised.

Wade Barrett should’ve denied knowing who Snooki is From Jersey Shore.  Would that not have made him cooler?

How funny was John Cena’s rundown of Nexus.  Heath Slater as “Wendy”?  Hillarious.

Did John Cena just call his mother a Little Rascals Whore?  Buckwheat?  Are you kidding me?

Whoa, does Skip Sheffield have a goose-egg from last night?  The left side of his head has a knot from something.

Nexus members in singles matches, so says the GM?  Sounds good to me.  I agree with Wade Barrett, it’s certainly an opportunity… for us to see whether the individual parts are worthy of staying on a main WWE roster.

Weak links in Nexus to be weeded out… could they be replaced by a member of NXT Season 2?  Husky Harris and Alex Riley could be quality members.

Nexus gets to determine the matches that they compete in tonight, pulling from Team WWE?  Is there any chance that Bret Hart is going to compete?  They should do a tag match.

Why does Nexus have about five backup shirts in their locker room?  Are they afraid someone’s going to steal it?  Are they hoping to recruit members?  Do they just like the fresh clean feeling of a recently laundered garment?

How huge was Wade Barrett’s win over Chris Jericho?  That wasn’t technically the best match ever, but in making me think that it might end differently a couple times, it did a great job of holding my interest.

Doesn’t Justin Long seem out of place on RAW? Did I see that he has something written on his hand?  Wrestling crib notes are the only thing worse than cheap heat… for and against the Lakers.

How weird does Justin Long probably think it is that WWE reads emails it receives?

How awesome are those WWE Tag Team Championship belts?  SOOO much cooler than the other belts currently in use.

What’s going to happen to the four old belts now that the Unified Titles have been replaced?

Having traveled the world, what are the chances that Bret Hart fought Justin Gabriel’s father somewhere in South Africa with a local promotion putting him up as one of Bret’s local opponents?

What are the odds that Bret Hart IS Justin Gabriel’s father?  Wrestlers are known to have fidelity issues, as Bret himself admitted to in his book.

I don’t ACTUALLY think Bret hart is Justin Gabriel’s father, but it’s funny to think that it could be true.

Who does Michael Tarver get as his opponent?  “American Dragon”.  Is this Michael Tarver getting thrown to the wolves, or is there a chance they’ll find a way to give Tarver the victory?  Will we see some involvement by The Miz?

Whoa, The Miz AND Alex Riley coming to ringside?  That’s an interesting turn.  Neither of those guys are members of Nexus, so nothing happens to Tarver.

“AmDrag” attacked in a three-on-one… and no one helps Bryan out?

AmDrag hit that briefcase REALLY hard.  Does anyone else wonder if something went wrong there?

“Rear View” Josh Matthews tries to get an interview with The Miz and Alex Riley, and they almost keep walking after passing right by him?  Yet again, he lives up to his nickname.

Does The Miz actually think that slamming the head of “American Dragon” into a briefcase makes him less special?  I’m not sure why it would detract from his past accomplishments.

Alex Riley and The Miz walk away from Josh Matthews, and the nickname holds up even stronger.

Darren Young gets pats on the shoulder after mentioning he’s going to face John Cena… do those seem like “nice working with you” pats?

The GM doesn’t like Bret Hart, and because of it, Bret doesn’t wrestle against Justin Gabriel? Doesn’t that go against what the General Manager mentioned earlier in the evening?

The GM doesn’t like Bret Hart… could the GM possibly be Vince McMahon?

This Gabriel / Orton match has the potential to make Gabriel look REALLY good, and so far it’s doing a decent job of that.  How in the world is Gabriel going to avoid elimination?  Would he be better off without Nexus?  I think probably so.  They’re certainly not as good without him.

Sheamus comes to the ring… is this show going to be filled mainly with dusty match results?

What did Sheamus have to gain by showing up to interfere in orton’s match?  Could this be part of the Sheamus / Nexus agreement?

How sick were those chairshots on Sheamus?

How awesome was it that Randy Orton decided he wasn’t done and decided to go back for more?

When Orton banged on the announce table after delivering an RKO to Sheamus, was that the table’s punishment for not breaking last night?

Skip Sheffield and David Otunga… if Nexus gets an entry into the tag division ranks, is there ANY WAY that WWE might consider choosing a better duo?  Otunga and Sheffield can both talk and both have an offense based on their physical strength.  Mix it up, guys, especially since you have guys who can wrestle but aren’t great at talking (Gabriel and Slater).

How much does Skip Sheffield’s stock keep rising?  R-Truth and John Morrison are a legit tag team.  Does anyone remember that they actually had the tag title shots at Wrestlemania?

Great sign created by a fan who obviously has some artistic talent… but did they not notice that Melina has the DIVA’s Championship?  They painted the Women’s Title.  Two completely different designs.

Alicia Fox, who should be upset after losing the Diva’s Championship to Melina last night… when she gets into the ring the first thing she does to Melina?  Northern Lights Suplex… a moderately low impact suplex whose main purpose is to get a pinfall.  Shouldn’t she have just gone for punches and/or kicks to start? Then she follows it up with a knee-to-the-back submission hold?  Put a little more psychology in, ladies.

If this is Jillian’s theme song, I can understand why she never wins matches.

Edge tells Josh Matthews to leave the interview, so finally he doesn’t end an interview staring at someone else’s back.

Edge declines to forfeit his match against Heath Slater, calling him a few names in the process.  With all the things he could’ve said, how awesome would it have been if Edge had mentioned Lash Lareaux?

Is that a reference that only .1% of the WWE Universe would understand?

During Edge vs Heath Slater, someone in the crowd yelled to Edge “you were in the Brood, we remember you!”  How many people reading this article could name the other two members, or even identify the other tag team which was born through that angle (a team which Edge was NOT a part of)?

Heath Slater wins by count out (against Edge).  Same with Justin Gabriel (against Randy Orton).  Sheffield / Otunga / Barrett all got pinfall wins.  Tarver’s match was basically a disqualification (I don’t recall the final outcome, but Miz / Riley interfered).  Are there any other options for what can happen to Darren Young against John Cena?

Would it be so terrible if Darren Young was defeated by John Cena and Nexus sent him packing? There’s no chance he’ll beat Cena, right?  I suppose Chris Jericho might do something to be involved to cause Cena to lose.

It’s great that WWE did the Fan Access in Los Angeles prior to SummerSlam, but why don’t they do that in more cities prior to events there?  I’m not saying they need to do it prior to each ppv in EVERY city, but last year there was NOTHING like that in Washington DC before Survivor Series, nor was there anything like that 5 years ago prior to SummerSlam.  Any reports that other pay per views (other than Wrestlemania) get this sort of treatment?

Yes, I am jealous that I haven’t had the chance to meet Maryse, Eve or Layla.

Why would Nexus’ presence on the entrance stage be intimidating for John Cena if they’re not allowed to interfere?  Their involvement would signal Darren Young’s loss of the match, which would mean he’d be OUT of Nexus.  Why would they interfere in the match if they don’t care about Darren Young?

It actually seems like Darren Young is holding his own in this match.

How lame would that dropkick to the steel steps have been if John Cena had moved, unbeknownst to Darren Young?

If Darren Young thought he was going to have to tap out, wouldn’t he want to try to get himself DQ’ed?  Couldn’t he reach up and rake the eyes?  At least go down kicking instead of tapping.

Nexus kicks out Darren Young, and what’s the possibility that he teams up with his former FCW tag team partner Percy Watson and the duo join Smackdown?  They’d be a good foil for the Straight Edge Society, which makes tons of sense since Darren Young’s PRO on NXT was CM Punk.

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