The first Smackdown after the Money In The Bank pay per view, and with a new World Heavyweight Champion and no number one contender, what does WWE have in store for us?

This is part reaction, part humor.  Enjoy.

How awesome is it that the Smackdown opening video is updated frequently enough to include CM Punk’s bald-head revealing de-masking?

Which is worse, Rey Mysterio’s initial reign with the World Heavyweight Championship, or this current one where he was punked out week after week?  There might not be a difference.

Kane has been attacking people week after week, brutalizing whomever he feels like, and he gets a very weak reaction when he comes to the ring for the opening segment.  I can understand that people might’ve enjoyed seeing him attack Jack Swagger and C.M. Punk, but after cashing in the Money In The Bank briefcase against Rey Mysterio, why wouldn’t Kane get booed?

Is WWE really playing background music for Kane’s in-ring promo?  This makes me feel like I’m watching a movie… and I’m not sure that’s a good thing.

Even as Kane acknowledges that he destroyed Rey Mysterio, the fans are still cheering him.  If these same fans cheer for Rey Mysterio (who shouldn’t even be in attendance tonight to sell what happened), they should be ashamed of themselves.

Kane says that Hell will reign supreme when he finally finds Undertaker’s assailant… but I thought Kane winning the World Heavyweight Championship meant that Hell WAS reigning supreme?

Or at least that Hell froze over…

Not only is Rey Mysterio showing up tonight, but he’s competing tonight in a 2 of 3 falls match against Jack Swagger?  The number one contenders spot against Kane for SummerSlam is on the line?

What is it with WWE this week, airing un-hyped matches with HUGE ramifications with no notice?

At least Smackdown didn’t have it open the show like RAW did.

Why would Christian OR Matt Hardy be upset that they both claimed they were going to win the Money In The Bank match?  Isn’t that the point of being in a match – wanting to win?  If someone told me they intended to win a match, I’d shrug my shoulders and say “I’m sure you do”.  I wouldn’t wish him luck in it, but I wouldn’t feel like knocking them out.

After what happened between the two of them a couple weeks ago when they teamed up and Christian attacked Matt Hardy, why would WWE think it’s acceptable to book them as a team again?  Was there an on-screen apology somewhere that I’m not aware of?

Hey Matt Stryker, since when does simply COMPETING in a Ladder Match cement the fact that someone is a superstar? If Drew McIntyre or Cody Rhodes are superstars, an assertion I disagree with, it’s not SIMPLY because they were in ONE ladder match.

They’re referring to the World Heavyweight Championship as the Holy Grail.  While I disagree with the metaphor (Grail is a hidden object which many seek and none have found), wouldn’t Kane be the least likely to want the Holy Grail?  Wouldn’t it be considered the UnHoly Grail now?

How many of the young people of the WWE Universe are learning words like PATELLA (knee-cap) by watching Smackdown?  (and how many adults are learning the same things?)

Why is a kick between the legs by Cody Rhodes less illegal than a low blow using an arm?  Is it because Christian was holding onto the ropes at the time?  Wouldn’t that make it MORE illegal?

The ending to this tag match does a good job of continuing the Christian / Matt Hardy storyline in a decent way, and then Christian apologizes, effectively erasing the storyline element?  I hope Christian is just trying to lull Matt Hardy into a false sense of security.

Wow, Jack Swagger openly admitting that the ending to his title match against Rey Mysterio was a HUGE rip out of the playbook of Kurt Angle / Eddy Guerrero?  Nice.

I wonder how many people in the WWE Universe even remember when Eddy Guerrero slithered out of a Kurt Angle ankle lock by taking off his boot?

How many times are we going to have to watch the Alberto Del Rio promos before he actually debuts?  A quick debut match at SummerSlam where he destroys someone could really help him.

How great is it that LayCool threw a cogratulatory party for themselves after a successful title defense? It’s a different take on TNA’s “Beautiful People”, but it’s all good.

It’s nice to see Michael McGillicutty accompanying Kofi Kingston to Smackdown.  I don’t always get a chance to watch NXT, so I don’t get to see the new batch of rookies very often, and honestly getting to see what it’s like to be at one of the BIG shows is probably just as much of the mentoring that the rookies can get from guys like Kofi Kingston.

If the WWE is starting to push the fact that Dolph Ziggler has a collegiate wrestling background (which he legitimately has, from Kent state), why would they let Kofi Kingston hang with him during that part of the match?  Make people look special / differentiate the talent.  Dolph would be more memorable by comparison.

Vickie Guerrero forcing Michael McGillicutty to leave ringside?  Nice use of Abuse Of Power to gain heel points.

Is it possible that Vickie Guerrero is the best manager WWE has had in years?  She’s almost a throw-back to Jimmy Hart… only she doesn’t need the megaphone to have the booming, annoying voice.

How long before Dolph Ziggler gets a serious run with the Intercontinental Championship?  It’s about time they do something.  Maybe SummerSlam will start it.

How oddly entertaining (and partially informative) was Cody Rhodes’ grooming tips?  Not that I have nose hairs…

I still don’t understand why CM Punk is so ashamed by his bald head, especially since the other members of the Straight Edge Societ have bald heads.  Why not just emrbace the solidarity?

From the moment the masked competitor was shown to be the opponent for Big Show (who’s apparently being called “The Giant” more frequently now), was anyone surprised that we got to see the guy unmasked?

Instead of just having Big Show reveal the identity of the masked man as Joey Mercury this week, why not have the Straight Edge Society come to the masked man’s aid, resulting in a disqualification, and then setup the fact that next week on Smackdown they could have a match where if Big Show wins, he can tear the mask off of Mercury?  I’m not saying it would spike the ratings, but it couldn’t hurt to add the hype.

How many people in the WWE Universe remember when Paul Wight was known as The Giant back in WCW?  How many of them weren’t born yet?

Is it a surprise to anyone that Rey Mysterio did his interview with his back turned to “Rear View” Josh Matthews?

Does anyone think Rey Mysterio is actually going to beat Kane if he ever gets another shot at him?

How dead does the crowd look after that Alberto Del Rio promotional video?

I don’t know why more competitors don’t get themselves violently disqualified during multiple fall matches.  Jack Swagger shouldn’t be too upset, Rey Mysterio can barely walk.

If Rey Mysterio is trying to sell an ankle injury, why would he go to the top rope, where he has to put all his weight on his left ankle twice?!

How bad did that modified powerbomb outside the ring look where Swagger slammed Rey Mysterio onto his lower back?

Did anyone actually think that this match was going to end 2 falls to 0?

Did anyone actually think that Jack Swagger was going to hit that THIRD second-rope-hopping body splash?  I didn’t think he’d hit the second one.

How crazy was that spin-around move that Rey Mysterio used to pin Jack Swagger?  Nice lucha libre offense.

How much of a “good guy” vibe are they going to continue to give to Kane?  Attacking Jack Swagger?  Helping Rey Mysterio?  RAISING REY’S HAND IN VICTORY?  This isn’t the Kane I was expecting.

Is it because Kane wouldn’t think Rey Mysterio was the one who would’ve attacked Undertaker?

Why would Kane return to the ring to attack Rey Mysterio after all of that?

How great was the reversal from the chokeslam attempt into the hurricanrana / head-scissors?

Rey’s ankle looked fine when he was running for the 6-1-9.

How sad is it that Rey Mysterio looks more legit now, after he has lost the World Title, than he did while he was holding it?

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