I heard a couple people tell me how interesting they found “Wristcutters: A Love Story”, so when it came on a movie channel I jumped at the opportunity.

I wouldn’t say that I wish I hadn’t recorded it, but one viewing is quite enough for me.


The concept was novel enough, a guy who commits suicide ends up in a purgatory with others who chose the same fate, and he has to stay there for an indeterminate amount of time living an alternate life – in this case, at a place called Kamikaze Pizza (which was an alternate option for the film’s title).  For whatever reason, the execution of this concept just didn’t cut it (pardon the puns).  Maybe if the movie were allowed to be shorter than its 88 minute span, it could’ve been good.  About halfway through the film, it takes a twist into a side storyline (which might actually be the main storyline, depending on the writer’s intentions) and it just totally lost me.

Not intellectually, just from an interest standpoint.  It just got too weird.

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I really enjoyed Patrick Fugit’s performance in Almost Famous and Saved!, but he definitely didn’t redeem this movie.

I’ve been hoping to see something of note from Leslie Bibb (Iron Man, Law Abiding Citizen, Entourage)…

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and Shannyn Sossamon (A Knights Tale, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, Rules of Attraction)…

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but this movie didn’t cut it. I was wrong in thinking that an independent film with a clever concept might give them opportunities that they haven’t found in bigger budget projects.

Recommendation:  Stay away from this film.  If you want to see an independent film with the kid from Almost Famous, check out “Bickford Shmeckler’s Cool Ideas”. Although IMDB.com has Wristcutters at a 7.4 (with 14,000 people weighing in) and “Cool Ideas” only gets a 5.8 (with 1700 people voting), I’d say the latter is much more watchable.

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