Middle-aged, motor cycle riding suburbanites who take a road trip.

I think the movie was mostly made for an older audience, but I enjoyed it.

Maybe it’s because my dad and uncle both ride Harleys.

Yeah, that’s definitely part of the reason.

But parts of it were pretty funny.  Tim Allen was pretty good in it.  Martin Lawrences was alright.  John Travolta wasn’t all that funny, but he didn’t have to be.  Ray Liotta did pretty good in his role, and so did Kevin Durand (who I’ve seen previously in “Mystery, Alaska”, 3:10 to Yuma and Wolverine:X-Men Origins).

William H Macy was really funny, but that wasn’t a surprise.

The “Slap a Bull” part was funny.

So was everything with John C. McGinley.

If you allow yourself to be amused by middle-aged men and their antics, you might enjoy this one.  It was kinda refreshing to see a road trip movie without having a bunch of college-aged kids making asses of themselves.

It almost makes me want to go buy a motorcycle… not that I have the money to buy one or the balance to ride one.

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