Who wouldn’t love an Ellen Page movie about women’s Roller Derby infused with plenty of Drew Barrymore qwirkiness?

Sure, I think Ellen Page is cute, but more in a little sister type of way.  I do enjoy her movies.  Juno is in my top 50 of all time, in fact, and I don’t know if another actress could’ve filled those shoes, but Ellen Page did a great job there.

I realize I’m running the risk of falling behind if I don’t get this article up ASAP, given that I saw this movie a couple days ago and started writing this article that night and have been sidetracked (mostly with snow and a video game) ever since, so I’m going to rush this a little bit.

As far as I understand it, Drew Barrymore wrote / directed / produced / combination of those roles, and it showed.  Barrymore movies seem to have a little more heart (along with being a little more qwirky, as I mentioned before), but they’re quality.  I’ll keep an eye out for her next project.

Hard to believe I’ve seen two Kristen Wiig movies this year (and one in the last month of 2009).  She was a key factor in this movie and did a good job.  Not deserving of a nomination, in my opinion, but good anyway.  She was more than just the roller derby team’s captain.

The mother, whose name I can’t remember and I’m currently too busy / tired / lazy to look it up, did well as the moderately unsupportive force in Ellen Page’s character’s life.  By the end of the movie, you really get a good idea of who she is and why she makes the decisions she does.  The dad (either Daniel or David Stern, I believe) was a feel-good character as well.

The roller derby team names and competitor nicknames were a funny part of the film as well.  Not TOO funny as to be considered hilarious, but definitely added a little something to the film.  And Jimmy Fallon was probably the only good choice for the announcer.

All in all, good flick.  I had considered seeing it in the theater, and while I wouldn’t say I missed out on having seen it on a huge screen, I am glad that I saw it.  Depending on who you are, I might recommend it… though as I consider the types of people who I would recommend it to, there are really only two types of people – those who wouldn’t even consider watching it even if I did recommend it to them, and the people who would likely take my recommendation and consider watching it.  Those categories are probably how I’ll decide who to tell about it.  If you don’t have any interest at all in ever seeing it?  Don’t worry, I won’t push it on you… but you’re possibly missing out.

If you’ve already seen Whip It!, I’ve got another comment (or two).

[spoiler]I was almost expecting The Hurl Scouts (Page’s team) to win in the end, but I think it was a good move that they lost in the finals.  They didn’t need the win for this to be a good movie.  The second-place finish actually helped.[/spoiler]

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