Wall Street was always a movie I had heard of, but because I wasn’t old enough to see it in theaters or even in the first 7 years it was on VHS, so it’s not difficult to understand how it could get lost in the shelves of my local video store. With a sequel set to come out this year, I figured it was time to watch it.

Definitely glad I saw it.  Michael Douglas obviously stole the movie, but it was one of the better performances I’ve seen by Charlie Sheen – one of his only non-comedic roles I’ve ever seen him do.  It was very interesting to watch him act along side his real-life father Martin Sheen – who actually plays the father to Charlie’s character in the film.

John C McGinley was very good in a small role in the film.

I don’t enjoy Darryl Hannah – at all, in fact – and if they could’ve cast someone else in her role in Wall Street, it would’ve improved the movie.

The way the movie ended, it didn’t NEED a sequel, but I am very interested to see how they pick back up with some of the characters more than 20 years later.

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