I realize that due to some of his off-screen antics, movie viewing audiences are split on whether or not they like Tom Cruise. Most people, if they’re really honest with themselves, can agree that he tends to make some really good movies, and Valkyrie is one of them.

Despite how obviously probable it seems, prior to seeing this movie I never really considered the fact that there was a significant portion of the German army during World War II who were not only NOT members of the Nazi party, but they felt that Hitler was a disgrace to their country.  Valkyrie tells the tale of the final attempt by members of the German army to kill Hitler and usurp power from the Nazi party.

Tom Cruise plays the driving force behind a small group of individuals who setup and execute a plan to put themselves in control, ousting the SS and finding a way to end the war in a way which would help save the reputation of their country, which Hitler had disgraced.

I’m not a huge history buff, but I do enjoy learning from movies like this, where great care is taken to tell the true story behind a lesser known piece of history.  Through watching the special features of this film, I really got a sense of how much attention to detail the film-makers used in everything from the actual settings in Berlin to the physical characteristics of the historic individuals themselves.

I highly recommend this film.  It’s not overly violent, with very few scenes involving any kind of blood at all – with the character-driven storyline instead focusing on the plotting and execution of the plan.  This film will be mentioned amongst the nominees at the end of the year, though I don’t necessarily expect it to win any of the categories.

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