Chances are very good that most of the readers of GuysNation aren’t going to actively try to see Valentines Day.  I actively avoided it when it first hit the theater, and when it came out on DVD I watched it because my wife wanted to.

Nothing in this movie is going to make any of the GuysNation regulars want to seek out this film, even with Jessica Alba, Jessica Biel, Jennifer Garner, Taylor Swift, Julia Roberts, Anne Hathaway, Emma Roberts and Jessica Biel heating up the screen.


Don’t think of this article as being a recommendation that you go see it.  Think of this as a reassurance that you won’t want to pry your eyeballs out if your significant other really REALLY wants to see it… though I know at least one of my friends disagrees with that assertion.

Ashton Kutcher is the main driving force in this movie.  Almost all of the story segments involve him (or his fictional business) in one way or another.  Unless you hate him for some odd reason, Ashton is enjoyable in his role.

Patrick Dempsey – best known for his polarizing (women love him, men don’t) involvement in Grey’s Anatomy – doesn’t have too big of a role in Valentine’s Day, so if you don’t like him, don’t worry about it.

Same can be said about Bradley Cooper and Taylor Lautner.

I have to think really hard to remember what Queen Latifah’s role was.

Jamie Foxx did a great job, as per usual, with his involvement here… though the part wasn’t very big.

Hector Elizando, Topher Grace and Eric Dane were all decent and believable for their parts, though none of their roles are memorable.

Guys, if she really wants to see it?  Give it a go.  If you’re looking to watch some of the hotter actresses in Hollywood all in one flick?  You’re probably wasting your time.

A better alternative:  Love Actually.

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