Some movies I love to watch in the theater.  Some are fine to watch on DVD.

With Smokin’ Aces, I was happy to just watch it on TV.  There was a lot of blood through the excessive violence, and undoubtedly it was toned down a bit on USA Network.  Had the uber-violence been on full display the way the director presented it in the theatrical / dvd versions, I wouldn’t have enjoyed it as much.  Because I watched it on USA Network, I did enjoy it.

It had an incredible cast.  Ray Liotta, Ryan Reynolds, Jeremy Piven, Andy Garcia, Alicia Keys, Common, Jason Bateman, Matthew Fox, Ben Affleck and Peter Berg. Most of them had small roles, but each seemed to be a very well-developed character.

As I’m watching the end of the movie right now, I’m realizing that the story is actually REALLY interesting.  The plot, although a bit confusing, is all sorts of interwoven.  In fact, if the movie was more artfully done and there was less GRAPHIC violence, this actually probably could’ve been up for some awards.  One of the final scenes in the movie with Ryan Reynolds and Andy Garcia was really interesting and well-acted.

Because I fell a bit behind in writing up these reviews, I’m going to cut this one short.  If you don’t mind graphic violence, check it out.

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