I’ve been playing hockey for almost 20 years, and amazingly I just watched Slap Shot.

I don’t have any good reasons to have not seen it.  Any of the hockey-playing friends of mine who I’ve asked have seen it.  In fact, some of them own it.  The only excuses I could give is the availability to rent the DVD – it wasn’t at Blockbuster, and the online service I use has a long wait to get it delivered.

Sure, it’s a little out-dated, but it’s not hard to imagine the minor league hockey climate in the film being simliar to something happening in a blue collar city today.

I has heard that Paul Newman was in the movie before I watched it, but I was a little shocked to see it wasn’t just a cameo – he’s the MAIN CHARACTER!  Almost as surprising, he can ice skate, too!

The Hanson Brothers are hilarious.  I’m not sure if it’s because I’ve known hockey players like that (both on AND off the rink).

Who would I recommend this movie to?  Anyone who is a hockey fan and doesn’t mind a little on-ice violence.

Enjoyable flick for sure.  I thought about checking out the sequel, but then I found out that they waited 25 years to make it, and it doesn’t involve Paul Newman… so if I ever see the sequel, it’ll be a while.

{I probably would’ve written more, but I’ve fallen 3 behind on my reviews of the movies I’ve seen this year}

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