I don’t think I’d classify Post Grad as a “chick flick”, though its main character is Alexis Bledel.  The show Bledel is best known for, The Gilmore Girls, is like a “chick flick” stretched out into several seasons of fast talking New Englanders, boy troubles and family issues.  Post Grad had the latter two elements, but the way it was done allows this to be somewhat enjoyable for guys, preferably over the age of 21 and under the age of 32.

Why 32?  Because by that age, you probably forgot about the struggles involved in trying to get a job after college, which is the central theme of this movie.

For Friday Night Lights fans, Zach Gilford (Matthew Saracen on F.N.L.) plays the best friend of Alexis Bledel’s character, who is not-so-secretly in-love with her. If a guy has to watch this movie with his significant other, he’s not likely to hate Gilford’s character, especially because he refuses to be a doormat.

Michael Keaton was funny in his role as Bledel’s father who is trying to find an alternative source of income to avoid the daily grind in a luggage shop at the mall. As always, I enjoyed J.K. Simmons’ work in this flick. It was a small role, but he was believable in it.

If a friend of mine were to ask for a suggestion of a “chick flick” they could safely watch without wanting to tear their eyes out with a spork (spoon w/ fork tips), I might recommend this one, depending on the age range. If you spot it on HBO and there’s nothing else to watch mid-day on a Saturday, it’s not something you’ll regret spending time on. If for no other reason, you could watch this movie because Alexis Bledel is attractive, and she doesn’t stay fully clothed the entire time.

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