I’m not typically a fan of musicals – on the stage or on film – but on occasion I make an exception, and just as in those cases, I was pleasantly surprised with the movie NINE.

The premise of the movie made it appealing to me:  a movie director trying to develop the concept for his next film while dealing with his many female muses along the way.  Apparently it’s a take on Italian director Fellini’s work 8 1/2, which was also a play and a movie.

If you’ve seen any recent Daniel Day Lewis movie, you know to expect a great performance as he takes the in-story helm as the would-be director of his 9th film with his producer (that’s the “NINE”, not the number of muses, of which there are only 7 I can count), so I’m not going to surprise anyone by raving about his work in here.

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I continue to enjoy the work of Marion Cotillard, who I’ve seen in at least three things this year (Public Enemies, Nine, Inception – which I’ll review at #70 as I’m more than 3 reviews behind).  She plays the wife of Daniel Day Lewis’ character and does a really good job, though not as good as Penelope Cruz (whose role I won’t give away).

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Nicole Kidman, Judy Dench, Sofia Loren, Kate Hudson and Fergie (of the Black Eyed Peas) all do respectable work in their minor roles.

If you’re not afraid of a little singing and dancing (probably a little less than Chicago, though I didn’t set a stopwatch), Nine was a very enjoyable time.  It’s probably not going to win any end of year awards from me, but it certainly shouldn’t make for a horrible evening for any of my readers.  If your wife or girlfriend ask you to rent it for them, protest a little bit and then rent it anyway.  It’s a lot better than some of the other options they could ask you to sit through.  You could certainly do a lot worse than having to watch a bevy of scantily clad women moving seductively, even if they are singing.

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