Unless you see the right preview or hear the right review for Law Abiding Citizen, you’re probably not going to want to watch it.  That’s a large part of the reason I didn’t see it in theaters, and also the reason my wife was less than lukewarm to watching it when I first suggested it.

Here’s the premise you need to hear to fully understand what this movie is about:
Gerard Butler’s character is attacked in his home and forced to watch his wife and daughter brutally murdered, and then feels betrayed by the legal system when his lawyers cut a deal with the defense attorney which allows the more violent of the two attackers to serve only 3 years for his offense.  Ten years after the crimes, individuals related to the case start getting murdered in what seems to be an elaborate plot, but the means by which they occur comes into question when Gerard Butler’s character – the prime (and only) suspect is in jail for some of the attacks.

Seeing this movie, it occurs to me that Gerard Butler is probably a better actor than most give him credit for, myself included.  Although I enjoyed The Ugly Truth, his role in it wasn’t one of substance, so I find myself considering the fact that I should probably see more of his roles.

Jamie Foxx is a better actor than we saw in this movie, though that’s probably due more to the limited depth of character / character depth than acting ability.

The action / special effects were good – and believable.  In fact, one of the murders was moderately graphic – though probably not by a horror movie fan’s tastes, but I’m not a horror movie fan.

It’s difficult to say much more about the movie without giving away too much.  I can say that it had an interesting twist (not as good as Usual Suspects or a couple others), but I enjoyed it and – somewhat surprisingly, my wife enjoyed it as well.  I thought maybe it was a bit too violent for her – and she doesn’t like violence – but she enjoyed it.

I wouldn’t buy the movie, but I’d watch it again.

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