For some guys I know, the idea of a movie staring either Ashton Kutcher or Katherine Heigl is cringe-inspiring, so they want nothing to do with Killers, which stars both of them.   While neither of them would be in a Top 10 list of actors or actresses from Quest For 75 movies, I’m capable of enjoying both of their work.

For guys who think of Katherine Heigl and don’t instantly think “hot” but instead think “chick flick”, you probably won’t hate your evening if your significant other brings home Killers.  There’s plenty of action, plenty of comedy, and at least two scenes involving some decent Heigl skin (maybe more).

Rob Riggle was funny in his supporting role, which I wish had been more prominent.  Tom Selleck and Maureen O’Hara were good as in-laws, though I wish their roles would’ve been a little smaller.

Certainly not going to win any awards, but that’s because I don’t have a superlative for the movie which was a pleasant surprise when I previously had low expectations.  I wouldn’t rank it above a 6.5 (and that might be pushing it a bit), but the 4.8 rating on is way too low.  The fight scene and chase which involves Rob Riggle was enough to keep it from being any lower than a 5.

The Last Word:  Guys, if she wants a romantic comedy and Katherine Heigl (or Grey’s Anatomy) is a favorite of hers, go ahead and rent Killers.  You’ll both get mild entertainment from it and you probably won’t consider the night to be a total waste.

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