I remember having heard good things about “Inside Man” when it was in theaters, but I didn’t see the Spike Lee film at the time because there was a lack of interest from my friends in seeing on the big screen, and I wasn’t interested enough to check it out by myself.  I am glad I rented it on a friend’s recommend, though.  It was one of the best movie-related decisions thus far in 2010.

The movie centers around Clive Owen and his plot to rob a bank and Denzell Washington’s attempt to gain notariety as a detective by stopping him.

The plot contains plenty of well devised aspects, making this a deeper movie than it seems on the surface.  Halfway through the film Jodie Foster is injected into the storyline, assisting the bank’s owner (played by Christopher Plummer).

As one might expect, Spike Lee gets high quality performances from all involved.  It was expecially interesting to note during the special features that the interviews which Denzell Washington’s character conducts with the suspects at various times during the movie were mostly improvised by the actors involved, allowing them to create some of their characters’ background stories.

I’m especially happy that I watched this movie now, as there are plans of a sequel in the works, and if that movie gets reviews as good as the first movie, I certainly won’t miss it in theaters this time around.

There’s not enough graphic violence or sexual material in Inside Man to keep me from recommending the film to anyone.  I don’t recall there being too much foul language, though if that’s of concern in deciding whether to watch it, you might want to do a bit more research on the internet.  Otherwise I think it’s the type of film which men and women alike would enjoy.  Aside from the possibility that it had adult language (which I don’t remember, but I don’t usually pay attention to that sort of thing) I wouldn’t hesitate to let my young (12 year old) nephew watch it.

Depending on how the rest of my Quest For 75 goes, this could be a contender for Best Picture.

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