Before I even saw the first preview for Inception, I knew I was going to like it.  Given the rest of Christopher Nolan’s work, the probability was HIGH.  VERY HIGH.

Unlike quite a few people I know, I wasn’t cringing at the thought of Leonardo DiCaprio being in this movie.  I know he gets a lot more hype than he probably deserves, and a lot of his lady fans like his work because they want to jump his bones, but that doesn’t mean I have to be a hater.  I’ve enjoyed his work starting with his small part in the latter years of Growing Pains as an orphan who the Seavers take under their wing, and his work in Aviator, The Departed, and “What’s Eating Gilbert Grape?” were all really really good.  (I’m probably missing some other key roles, but this article isn’t about Leo).  I don’t think he’ll get nominated for this role, but he did a really really good job with it.

As my wife will gladly tell you, I’m an Ellen Page fan.  Juno, Whip It, Smart People… I just like what she brings to roles with her ability to deliver lines.  Her role in Inception, as you might guess, was nothing like those films, and it really showed what she can do, apart from late-teen angsty stuff.

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She’s nowhere near the best Supporting Actress in the film, though.  Not by a long shot.

If Marion Cotillard is not nominated for Best Supporting Actress for her role as Mal in INCEPTION, I’ll be floored.

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Well, maybe not floored.  I don’t always like the Oscars, but she’ll at least get a Golden Globe.

If she doesn’t get either, I’ll be floored.  That’s right, I said it.

Phenomenal.  She was good in Public Enemies, really good in Nine, but she blows away both of those performances with Inception.

Ken Watanabe didn’t perform better in Inception than in The Last Samurai, but there were a few parts of this film in which Ken did a great job.  His role wasn’t meaty enough to be considered for any sort of superlative, though.

Joseph Gordon Levitt is quickly becoming one of the actors whose career I feel like I need to follow.

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At no point did I feel that Joseph Gordon Levitt was being overshadowed by anyone else in the film aside from Marion Cotillard, and that’s saying a lot, given that this guy comes from a comedy background (3rd Rock From The Sun) and recently took the role of Cobra Commander (a prestigious role, to be sure, but not necessarily one which causes him to make the most of his acting chops).

While Cillian Murphy flew under my radar prior to Batman Begins, I knew he’d perform flawlessly in his role in this film, which was somewhat small but absolutely pivotal to the plot.  At one point, his acting is likely to cause most viewers to get a little choked up.  Sure, part of that credit falls on Christopher Nolan’s work to set things up, but Cillian Murphy definitely delivers.

If you’re not the type of person who likes to think AT ALL during a movie, and if you hate it when movies turn your world upside down, don’t watch this movie.  It might confuse and frustrate you, and it’s alright if you miss out on the movie which users have currently ranked the third best movie of all time.

That’s right, of ALL TIME.

You’re allowed not to want to watch this movie.  It doesn’t have much in the way of blood (if any), but the fact that you have to think a little bit and you might be confused during the movie for a few minutes, I suppose that’s sufficient enough to allow you to decide not to watch.  Some people don’t like roller coasters.

If you enjoyed Memento and The Prestige, you should RUN – don’t walk – to go see this movie.  Chances are you already have, though.  Likely more than once.

If you’ve never seen those two movies and think you’ll like it just because you saw The Dark Knight and you like what Christopher Nolan can do… you’re in for an eye opening, because this movie is like the next level.

If you’ve read this review and think that this movie sounds like all flash and no substance, think again.  It’s got a great plot, some tremendous actors (did I forget to mention Michael Caine?), and it’s very likely that you’ll get emotionally attached.

This is easily one of my favorite movies, not just of 2010, but of all time.

I’m not going to hand INCEPTION the award for Best Picture 2010 just yet, but I may as well do that.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the Academy Awards do the same.

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