Just as with Predator, I had seen parts of Die Hard prior to 2010, but I had never seen it from start to finish in its entirety.  I knew what to expect from it, but I wanted to fill in the blanks with all the plot details with a 2010 viewing.  The other reason I wanted to watch it in December was because of a debate on the topic of Die Hard’s status as a Christmas movie.

This is an action movie classic which I’m sure most folks reading GuysNation have already seen.  If you haven’t and you’re over the age of 14, go watch it.  There’s definitely some blood and bad language, but it’s probably not any worse than most of the language the average 15 year old has already heard, and I’m convinced that kids that age are already becoming desensitized to violence.

Anyway, this article isn’t about the appropriateness of different age groups to see the movie.  It’s about the fact that I saw Die Hard in 2010 and I hadn’t seen it fully before the year started.  It’s classic, and aside from the aforementioned debate, there’s not much to say.

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