Oh yes, I went old school for #65, and just like earlier in the year with Wall Street, I stick with Michael Douglas as the Quest for 75 heads back to 1989.

As it turns out, there are lots of awesome Michael Douglas movies that I’m still yet to see, and Black Rain was one of them.  A potentially dirty New York Cop witnesses a Japanese National conduct a hit in a restaurant, stealing something in the process.  Michael Douglas tracks the guy down, arrests him, and takes him back to Japan on extradition.  A problem arises during the hand-off, so Douglas and a young Andy Garcia stay in Japan to try to fix the situation.

While in Japan, they liaison with a Japanese detective played quite well by Ken Takakura, who I recognized from his work in Mr Baseball.

I can’t really put my finger on the exact reason, but I really enjoyed Black Rain.  Maybe because it was gritty, or the fact that parts of it reminded me of Akira (with the motor cycle gang involvement).  Whatever it was, I’m glad I saw it.  Nice work by Ridley Scott.  If I’m ever bored and the movie comes on television, I’d watch it again.

{Next Michael Douglas movie to see:  Falling Down}

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