Not all the movies I’m going to see during the Quest for 75 are going to be award winners. In fact, I’m predicting that at least a few of the movies I see in 2010 are going to be terrible.

Surprisingly, Balls of Fury wasn’t one of them.

The story revolves around Randy Daytona (played by Dan Fogler), a child prodigy at table tennis whose father (Robert Patrick) bets on him in the Olympics and loses his life when he can’t pay the mafia when Randy gets injured and ends up losing.  The international embarrassment and the loss of his father takes Randy Daytona away from competitive ping pong for over a decade until the F.B.I. needs his help to take down an international bad guy who just so happens to host a secret ping pong tournament every year.

With a plot like that, I’m not sure why it always interested me from the time I saw the first preview, but I’m not surprised that it took me this long to finally see it.  Some of the scenes in the previews looked funny, especially the ones highlighting Christopher Walken.  And Maggie Q is not only an attractive woman, but she does alright with the comedy as well.

Before watching the film, I didn’t realize that George Lopez was in it.  Having watched a few episodes of Lopez Tonight (which was discussed in a different article on GuysNation a few weeks ago, accessible by clicking the link at the bottom of the page) and seeing George’s work in Balls of Fury, I’m going to try to see another couple of his films in 2010, and I’m almost sure that I’ll be entertained by it.

Also doing a good job in this movie was Terry Crews, who probably doesn’t get enough credit for being a good actor due to the fact that he typically plays a physically menacing guy.  I shouldn’t be surprised that he was good in this, having seen him in Everybody Hates Chris (sitcom written by Chris Rock, describing his youth), Get Smart, Idiocracy, The Longest Yard and Friday After Next.

If you spend money to rent this movie, try to make sure you have low expectations, and you probably won’t be disappointed.  If you have one of the home delivery services (NetFlix or BlockbusterOnline) and don’t know what else to pick and you’d like a movie that includes jokes and some mild sports… I’d probably recommend looking a little harder, but this isn’t a bad film by any means.  If it’s on Comedy Central or somewhere else on free cable (it’s unlikely to be on a premium channel like HBO), DVR it.  You might not end up watching it in one sitting (unless you got 18 inches of snow outside and are tired of trying to shovel it), but by the time you finish watching it, you’ll probably laugh a couple times.

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