Born in Cali, Colombia, South America, Cierra is one of Sydney’s Best Colombian Entertainers and highly sought after cover girls. Having been featured in various Men’s Lifestyle Magazines Cierra is well known for her wild nature, amazing sex appeal and her sensational curves, being named ‘Queen of the Bottom’ by Australian Penthouse Magazine in April 2011 when she was published as Centerfold and April Penthouse Pet.

In Late 2012, Cierra became a Featured Dancer for Fever Production, one of Australia’s best Touring Nude Reviews and around Australia.

Whilst being an amazing Exotic Dancer and sultry Glamor model, Cierra has also taken on some acting roles in Advertisements and TV Series such as advertisement for Bundaberg Rum, Packed to the Rafters and played a Lead role in the Documentary Sex an Unnatural History.

In 2013, Cierra was Cover Girl for Sydney’s Live to Ride Magazine for their 300th edition. In early 2014 Cierra featured in two RNB music videos and a fitness workout video for Bondi Vixen. Cierra was recently chosen to compete for the Exotic Angels Calendar Search and won the title Miss Exotic Seduction Australia on the Gold Coast and will be featured in the 2015 Exotic Angels Calendar.

She has also won:

Miss Exotic Seduction Australia 2014
Live to Ride Cover Girl 2013
Penthouse Pet 2011 

Jack Nickelz: What got you started dancing?

Cierra: I have been dancing salsa as most Latinas do since I was a little girl & as I got older & got into promotional modeling this was a more exciting way of performing.

Jack Nickelz: What types of dancing did you enjoy doing?10917836_438105459673839_8890799531080189132_n

Cierra: Salsa was my favorite till I discovered adult costumes

Jack Nickelz: How did you get into exotic dancing?

Cierra: I was an exotic dancer for 7 years

Jack Nickelz: Did you think that your exotic dancing would take off the way it did?

Cierra: Not really… I was living in the moment most of it. I love performing it’s like a drug to me!

Jack Nickelz: When did modeling come into play?

Cierra: I was modeling before I was performing but the more I got into performing the more modeling took off for me

Jack Nickelz: What types of modeling do you enjoy?

Cierra: Lingerie modeling is my favorite. I love lingerie, heels, suspenders, gloves… The more layers the more fun when you’re working your way to bare skin.

Jack Nickelz: How excited were you when Penthouse first approached you?

Cierra: I was ecstatic!  I have never really thought I was ugly but it felt like I was given a certain amount of recognition in being asked to do the centerfold

Jack Nickelz: Now out of the large and long laundry list of things that you do, what do you have more fun doing?

Cierra: Going to salsa, doing weights & a whole day at the beach


Jack Nickelz: Anyone that has seen you can tell that you are into fitness. What started your love affair with staying in shape?

Cierra: I’ve always been into sports and grew up a tomboy so boxing or kick-boxing really get going

Jack Nickelz: Being the “Queen of the Bottom” what do you do to make sure your bottom remains in “royal” shape?

Cierra: Squats, lunges, step ups and bike interval training10458845_321089708042082_9042313759523562811_n

Jack Nickelz: Can you tell us a bit about “Sex: An Unnatural History”

Cierra: Oh my gosh… So awkward! Pretending to make “love” to someone on screen is not very easy and even harder when you’re not attracted to them at all it’s even more uncomfortable!

Jack Nickelz: Where else can people see some of the projects that you have been a part of?

 Cierra: www.facebook.com/CierraColombia is where I post what I’m working on and of course these is my Twitter and Instagram I keep updated with pictures and videos of my latest shoots

Jack Nickelz: Thank you for taking time out to do this. Is there anything else you would like to say to the fans?

Cierra: Stay posted – I’m just getting started  & thank you for following

For more on Cierra, check out:

https://www.facebook.com/CierraColombia  https://twitter.com/Cierra_Showgirl