Before we start, if you clicked this link, even if it was ONLY out of morbid curiousity? Thanks. Some people scoffed at the idea of me writing about Puppy Bowl VII, which will air Sunday, February 6th starting at 3pm, on Animal Planet and will replay the whole day. To those that question how “Puppy Bowl”, isn’t GuysNation “material”? I ask, WHAT is more Guy than a dog? And what are the BEST type of dogs? Puppies.

Sure. They’re yippy. They’re whiny. Need more attention. They chew. They pee and poop all over, but? They’re adorable. Any dog I’ve ever owned I always remember what they were like as puppies. This Sunday we’ll see the ultimate in Puppy sporting events. Not those prissy dog shows where the dogs are more pampered and groomed than a Miss America contestant. I’m talking puppies of superior athletic skill. Puppies that run, and chew, and run… and uh… chew. They wrestle. They jump. They bark, and they will be showcasing all this and more when they take the gridiron inside Animal Planet Stadium, Sunday.

I think that refereeing the Puppy Bowl is the sweetest gig on the planet. Sadly, my resume and video continues to fall on deaf ears… I lack the necessary “Puppy Refereeing Experience” to be able to qualify for the referee pool for the biggest 4 legged game of the year. So your humble author has started working some local puppy contest at the ASPCA. Even got invited to work the Northeast Central Mid Atlantic Puppy Cup Regionals! Maybe in two short years I’ll be right there on the field!

A Guy Can Dream, Can't he?

I’m sure some of you are scratching your head. For the uneducated or unaware when it comes to the Puppy Bowl, let me explain. Puppy Bowl assembles the greatest, cutest, most athletic, and furriest four legged athletes in the canine sports world. You may look at these young pups and go “AAAWWWWWW”, but I assure you, you should be going, “OOOOOOOOOHHHHH” and this Sunday you will, as you watch with wonder at the athletic exploits of these magnificent mutts!

What can you expect if you tune in to Animal Planet some time on sunday? Well? The arena will be filled with the most adorable assortment of puppies, imagineable. Also all over the arena floor will be various toys that can be chewed, carried, or napped upon. They usually have a bowl of water in each endzone, complete with the always popular “inside the game” waterbowl cam. Feel like you’re IN the bowl being lapped up! In the past they’ve had cheerleaders, both bunnies and kittens. this year they’ll have “chicks” on the sidelines. Yes, if you’re following along the animal theme. Chicken Cheerleaders! So even if dogs aren’t your thing many other animals will be represented in PB VII. This year there is a kitty half time show. Along with the Blimp that is being navigated by hamsters.

What you’ll end up seeing is non stop puppy action. Sure… sure… sometimes you’ll see some napping, and we all know you have to let a sleeping dog lie, but for the most part these fine tuned well oiled athletic machines will put on feats of amazement that will no doubt rival, or possibly surpass their human counterparts on the grid iron.

Some athletic purists may fret. Who wins? When it comes to Puppy Bowl (insert a dramatic pause here) … WE ALL DO! Well, the dogs can win too.

Ultimately this event is about entertaining as well as drawing interest and eyes to local shelters who have pets up for adoption. Every puppy they get for Puppy Bowl is one of these dogs. Each one represents the shelter, he or she is from. This event helps raise interest in animal adoption as well as bringing awareness about local shelters and pet adoption agencies. Every dog here was part of that system. Some, possibly all are still up for adoption, though I’m guessing they get snapped up quickly with so much exposure. If you want to see the starting lineups, and see where the dogs are from? Go Here.

As a lot of you know, I’m a diehard football fan. I’ve been a part of doing picks and predictions for most of the season. I’m not expecting Puppy Bowl to compete with the Super Bowl in ratings, but I will absolutely tune in on Sunday. Its a great respite from the seemingly endless and at times nauseating Super Bowl pre-game coverage. Its a great mindless flashback, and something you can put on after the game to just veg out, relax and go “aawww… look at the puppies”. While I hype this to friends and family on various social media with a tongue in cheek nature? I totally own up to the fact that I will spend time watching Puppy Bowl Sunday, and I hope you will too. I mean… seriously… how could you say no to THIS face?

Won't you please watch me on Sunday?

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