There’s more to the fallout from Royal Rumble 2014 than just Batista winning and Daniel Bryan not being entered into the big match. Just minutes after the end of the Super Bowl, hosts Jon and Rob sat down for a special edition of the GuysNation Wrestling Podcast with lots to discuss.

Is CM Punk really gone from WWE? If so, what does that mean for WrestleMania… if anything?

Daniel Bryan wasn’t entered into the Royal Rumble, but what’s the plan for him in the short term and long? Does he still maybe have a huge opponent set for WrestleMania 30?

Two future superstars were made at Royal Rumble. How soon will Roman Reigns and Bray Wyatt be legit fixtures in the main event?

It’s the biggest match of almost every WrestleMania for the past decade, so who will the Undertaker be facing this year? In our opinions, there’s really only two options, and Jon totally disagrees with the guy Rob thinks is a LOCK to be the opponent.

None of these topics are impacted by what occurred on the February 3rd edition of RAW, so it doesn’t matter that you’re just now finding the episode. Give it a listen and see what the guys had to say about all of those topics and more!

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