Western Kentucky

With a losing record, Western Kentucky is going dancing. Let the Madness begin. Photo courtesy J.S. Robinson/wku.edu

Things are about to crazy leading up to March Madness so, starting today, there will be an updated bracket projection every day

Updated from two days ago, Harvard, Long Island, Lehigh, South Dakota State, Detroit, Montana and Western Kentucky have all clinched. The lowly Toppers of WKU are all but guaranteed to have to play their way out of the first four given a dismal record. Nevertheless, they are in, which is more than North Texas can say.

Seton Hall looked totally unimpressive in their game against Louisville and now find themselves on the outside looking in on this projected bracket. Big East colleague Cinicinnati replaces them despite some abysmal losses and probably the worst RPI in the field. I’m still not sold on the Bearcats and they need to beat Georgetown today to further convince me.

Also developing in the Big East tournament, UConn beat West Virginia in overtime and WVU slides down a seed, switching with Southern Miss. It seems counter intuitive to have UConn, higher than WVU off of one game, but it appears to work here. The defending Big East champs could continue to move up the bracket as they get closer to returning to the Big East championship.

*=Projected Conference Champion/Automatic Berth
•=First Round Entrant
U=Clinched Berth

| 1. Kentucky* | 2. Michigan State* | 3. Ohio State | 4. Murray State |
| 1. Syracuse* |2. Duke | 3. Georgetown | 4. Wisconsin |

| 1. Kansas* | 2. Marquette | 3. Baylor | 4. UNLV* |
| 1. North Carolina* |2. Missouri | 3. Michigan | 4. Temple* |

And the rest of the field….
(Keep in mind there is now an 8-team opening round, so listed here are a total of six #12 seeds and six #16 seeds)

5 Seeds: Louisville, Florida, Indiana, Creighton
6 Seeds: New Mexico, Florida State, Notre Dame, Wichita State
7 Seeds: Virginia, San Diego State, St. Mary’s, Purdue
8 Seeds: Vanderbilt, Gonzaga, Memphis, Kansas State
9 Seeds: Harvard, Alabama, Iowa State, Colorado State
10 Seeds: St. Louis, South Florida, Connecticut, Southern Miss.
11 Seeds: BYU, Northwestern, West Virginia, Xavier
12 Seeds: VCU, California*, •Cincinnati, •Texas, •Mississippi State, •Miami
13 Seeds: UCF, Belmont, Long Beach*, Davidson
14 Seeds:, Nevada*, Ohio*, Vermont*, Long Island
15 Seeds: Detroit, South Dakota St., Lehigh, Loyola (Md.)
16 Seeds: Montana, •UNC-Asheville, •Norfolk State*, •Western Kentucky, •Miss. Val. St.*, UT-Arlington*

Bryan’s Last Four In: Texas, Mississippi State, Cincinnati, UCF
Bryan’s First Four Out: Seton Hall, Oregon, Drexel, Ole Miss
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