Last year's Cinderella, VCU, is already trying on glass slippers with an upset of top-seeded Drexel in the CAA Championship. Photo courtesy

Today’s updated bracket projection doesn’t have too many changes. VCU, Davidson, Loyola, and St. Mary’s all clinched berths yesterday by winning their conferences. This wasn’t too much news to me as I had already predicted three of those four would. My West Coast champ, Gonzaga, yielded the title to St. Mary’s and, as a result, the two school switch seeds on the board with St. Mary’s no a 7-seed and the Zags an 8-seed.

Also losing in their conference tournament was Oral Roberts. Not only does the loss to Western Illinois prevent them from securing their conference’s automatic berth, it also adds another “bad loss” to their tournament resume which, for now, has them on the outside looking in.

Losing their conference tournament game over in the “Who Really Cares?” end of Division I ball was my projected Horizon League champion, Cleveland State. Top-seeded Valparaiso replaces them for the projected berth.

The one last minor change doesn’t have to do with the actual field itself. The surging Rebels of Ole Miss have convinced me with their win over Alabama that they are closer to an at-large bid than Mid-Major Iona, and they replace the Gaels on the list of “First Four Out”.

*=Projected Conference Champion/Automatic Berth
•=First Round Entrant
U=Clinched Berth

| 1. Kentucky* | 2. Michigan State* | 3. Ohio State | 4. Murray State |
| 1. Kansas* | 2. Marquette | 3. Baylor | 4. UNLV* |
| 1. Syracuse* |2. Duke | 3. Georgetown | 4. Wisconsin |
| 1. North Carolina* |2. Missouri | 3. Michigan | 4. Temple* |

And the rest of the field….
(Keep in mind there is now an 8-team opening round, so listed here are a total of six #12 seeds and six #16 seeds)

5 Seeds: Louisville, Florida, Indiana, Creighton
6 Seeds: New Mexico, Florida State, Notre Dame, Wichita State
7 Seeds: Virginia, San Diego State, St. Mary’s, Purdue
8 Seeds: Vanderbilt, Gonzaga, Memphis, Kansas State
9 Seeds: Harvard*, Alabama, Iowa State, Colorado State
10 Seeds: St. Louis, South Florida, Connecticut, West Virginia
11 Seeds: BYU, Northwestern, Southern Miss., Xavier
12 Seeds: VCU, California*, •Seton Hall, •Texas, •Mississippi State, •Miami
13 Seeds: UCF, Belmont, Long Beach*, Oral Roberts*
14 Seeds: Davidson, Nevada*, Ohio*, Vermont*,
15 Seeds: Cleveland State*, Bucknell*, Wagner*, Loyola (Md.)
16 Seeds: Montana*, •UNC-Asheville, •Norfolk State*, •Western Kentucky*, •Miss. Val. St.*, UT-Arlington*

Bryan’s Last Four In: Texas, Seton Hall, Mississippi State, UCF
Bryan’s First Four Out: Cincinnati, Oregon, Drexel, Ole Miss
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