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Anthony Davis and Kentucky should be looking down on the rest of the field come next Sunday. Photo courtesy Andy Lyons/Getty Images North America

We are less than 48 hours into the greatest month for basketball, which means it’s time to take a shot at projecting the field of 68 teams again! Unlike most bracket predictions, my bracket is based on how I think teams will finish the season, not as if the tournament started today. So if you see something that doesn’t make sense to you today, keep in mind I may be predicting that team to do something between now and Selection Sunday to earn that spot. Either that, or we simply don’t see eye to eye. Nevertheless, let the great Bryandini begin his work.

To get things started here is the 4×4 chart, or, in other words, my prediction for the top four seeds for all four regions. Here the regions are listed in order by strength of the number one  seed. So the first region listed (in this case, Kentucky) is my current top #1 seed. The second region listed holds the next-highest #1 seed and so on:

LEGEND: *=Projected Conference Champion/Automatic Berth, •=First Round Entrant

|1. Kentucky*|2. Michigan State*|3. Ohio State|4. Murray State*|
|1. Kansas*| 2. Marquette|3. Baylor|4. UNLV*|
|1. Syracuse*|2. Duke|3. Georgetown|4. Indiana|
|1. North Carolina*|2. Missouri|3. Michigan|4. Wichita State*|

And the rest of the field….
(Keep in mind there is now an 8-team opening round, so listed here are a total of five #11 seeds, five #12 seeds, and six #16 seeds)

5 Seeds: Wisconsin, Louisville, Temple*, Florida
6 Seeds: New Mexico, Creighton, Florida State, Notre Dame
7 Seeds: Virginia, San Diego State, Gonzaga*, Purdue
8 Seeds: Vanderbilt, St. Mary’s, Memphis, Kansas State
9 Seeds: Harvard*, Alabama, Iowa State, Colorado State
10 Seeds: Southern Miss.*, South Florida, Connecticut, Seton Hall
11 Seeds: •West Virginia, •BYU, California*, St. Louis, Xavier
12 Seeds: VCU*, Washington, Northwestern, •Miami, •Texas
13 Seeds: UCF, Iona*, Long Beach*, Oral Roberts*
14 Seeds: Davidson*, Nevada*, Middle Tennessee State*, Belmont*
15 Seeds: Cleveland State*, Bucknell*, UT-Arlington*, Ohio*
16 Seeds: Vermont*, •Montana*, •UNC-Asheville*, •Norfolk State*, Wagner*, •Miss. Val. St.*

Bryan’s Last Four In: Miami, Northwestern, Texas, UCF
Bryan’s First Four Out: Mississippi State, Cincinnati, Drexel, Arizona
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