The Bearcats have taken the Big East tournament by storm and now could win it all today. Photo courtesy Chris Trotman/Getty Images

With so many conference tournament games going on yesterday, it would probably take three posts to catch you up on all the seed reshuffling. Instead, I’ll give you only the highlights, but look around to see if your favorite team moved.

Both Syracuse and Kansas suffered big upsets and now are in jeopardy of losing their position at the top of one of the brackets. On here, Syracuse survives but Kansas gets bumped down to a 2-seed for projected Big Ten champion Michigan State. Also benefiting from these losses will be the winner of the ACC assuming it is either Duke or UNC. On this projection it remains UNC.

Temple was the other noteworthy upset and their loss to UMass costs them to slide down one. Florida replaces them in the 4X4 chart. Most likely either St. Louis or Xavier are now going to win the A-10 and the eventual champion could still profit by moving up.

It turns out my Mid-Major love was short-lived as tournament developments yesterday forced me to bump both UCF and Drexel off the bracket. UCF got absolutely manhandled by a surging Memphis team and Drexel gets bumped out due to two teams from the PAC-12 now projected in. I still don’t like the thought of California making the tournament, however, and I hope I am wrong.

Finally, we have a couple of fresh faces in the bottom of the bracket. New Mexico State and Arizona become projected conference champions as Nevada and California both lost late last night.

*=Projected Conference Champion/Automatic Berth
•=First Round Entrant
U=Clinched Berth

| 1. Kentucky* | 2. Kansas | 3. Georgetown | 4. Murray State |
| 1. North Carolina* |2. Missouri* | 3. Michigan | 4. Louisville* |

| 1. Syracuse | 2. Baylor | 3. Ohio State | 4. Florida |

| 1. Michigan State* | 2. Duke | 3. Marquette | 4. Wisconsin |

And the rest of the field….
(Keep in mind there is now an 8-team opening round, so listed here are a total of six #12 seeds and six #16 seeds)

5 Seeds: New Mexico*, Temple, Indiana, Creighton
6 Seeds: San Diego State, Florida State, Notre Dame, Wichita State
7 Seeds: Memphis*, UNLV, St. Mary’s, Cincinnati
8 Seeds: Virginia, Gonzaga, Vanderbilt, Purdue
9 Seeds: Harvard, Alabama, Kansas State, Colorado State
10 Seeds: St. Louis*, Iowa State, Connecticut, Xavier
11 Seeds: BYU, VCU, West Virginia, Texas
12 Seeds: •California, •Miami, •South Florida, Southern Miss., Mississippi, •N.C. State
13 Seeds: Arizona*, Belmont, Long Beach*, Davidson
14 Seeds:, New Mexico State*, Ohio*, Vermont*, Long Island
15 Seeds: Detroit, South Dakota St., Lehigh, Loyola (Md.)
16 Seeds: Montana, UNC-Asheville, •Norfolk State*, •Western Kentucky, •Miss. Val. St.*, •McNeese St.*

Bryan’s Last Four In: Miami, South Florida, N.C. State, California
Bryan’s First Four Out: Drexel, UCF, Mississippi State, Northwestern
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