Given the high quality of previous snackings involving other Pringles chips of various flavors, I was optimistic when I saw the Smokin’ Hot Ranch offering and jumped at the chance to review it.

Sadly, I can’t say it measured up.  Not even after I lowered-expectations pre-trial.

Despite the packaging depicting hot red peppers flying around a bowl of Ranch dressing, I didn’t get much of anything in the way of heat from these chips.  I was hoping for a mild zing to come through in the after-taste or at first bite, but really all I got was a good Ranch flavor (much better than Doritos offers) and a very weak tingle on my lip (not my tongue) after I finished a few of them.


The only thing EXTREME about these Pringles is the graphics on the packaging.

Go back to the drawing board, Pringles.  Either rename the product or add more zing to it.

Overall:  Not a bad chip, but the name is definitely misleading.  In fact, I’d go so far as to say it’s an enjoyable option… had I not read what the name was ahead of time.