By now, you have probably seen numerous ads, posters and other marketing for the new movie Life of Pi from director Ang Lee. If you’re like many, you’re wondering to yourself, “What is it?”. I’ve got your answer: Life of Piis the story of a boy named Piscine (Pi, for short) who has many ambitions in life and seeks to do all that is right and stand by his morals. However, his resolve is put to the test when he becomes ship-wrecked for 227 days.  The severity of the circumstances is heightened when Pi realizes that he is joined on his relatively small life boat with a Bengal tiger. What starts off as a grueling and unpleasant situation beyond epic-proportions, soon turns into a lesson that Pi learns about nature, the world we live in, hope and most of all, life.

Since its initial announcement, Life of Pi has been on my list of heavily-awaited films. This is due, in part, to the scope of a film which had been considered “unfilmable” by those who read Yann Martel’s novel, which serves as source material. Given the potential volatility of even a trained tiger and the actions the animal would need to be trained to reproduce, would-be filmmakers had very little other choice but to await technological advances.  This a very smart-method that should pay off, as the tiger looks as real as anyone could have imagined. The other animals and forces of nature to be reckoned with in this film will surely take you by surprise as well due to the beauty and realism of how they’re presented.

Another factor which weighed heavily into my interest in the project was that it was to be undertaken and directed through Ang Lee’s watchful eye. For the past-decade or so, Lee has been the one director people know they can expect greatness from and I think this is the film that won’t disappoint. His approach and the results you can see simply from the trailer below prove that Lee is the director that we can all trust to give us beautiful ambition. The title character is portrayed by new-comer Suraj Sharma, who incredibly landed this role having never acted before, literally having attended the casting-call with his brother. Somehow he managed to catch the eye of Ang Lee himself and was cast.

Life of Pi: Theatrical Trailer

Life of Pi hits theaters on Wednesday, November 21 and is the perfect movie for the family. It has adventure, action, heartbreak, romance, laughter, drama, emotion, and most of all, hope. You can’t get any better with a film like this, during the holiday season and it’s one that is sure going to be popping-up a lot throughout the awards season, early next year.

Special thanks and go out to Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation for allowing us to use the pictures, trailer, and to preview this film.

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