So I’m sure the readers of this site have already heard of the Buster Posey-Scott Cousins collision at home plate during the Giants-Marlins game last week. Being a San Francisco Bay Area native and a huge Giants fan, this is crippling. I mean he was the only player who was hitting at least somewhat consistently. Then again the Giants aren’t known for their hitting. I could yap on and on about the implications of the injury to the team’s offense, but I would like to focus on the home plate collision issue that’s been raised because of this incident.

Personally, I don’t think there was anything malicious in Cousins’ slide. It was a normal play at the plate and sometimes catchers or runners get hurt in that situation. I know some might expect me to rail against the play because of my Giants loyalty, but having seen it a few times and reading about Cousins’ reaction, I’m not mad at him. Imagine how bad he feels? He went to University of San Francisco for college of all places.(Source)

What I want to know is how the citizens of GuysNation feel on the subject? Was it clean? Does Cousins deserve some sort of punishment?