As if the Porsche 911 needed yet another reason to make guys want one, it now comes with a feature to make it even more manly.

It’s likely that if you get close to a Porsche 911 outside the show-room, you’re likely to be seeing its tail lights. If you get close enough, ¬†you’ll notice its dual exhaust on both sides. The regularly mild-sounded sports car gets throaty with those four exhaust pipes at the push of a button.

That’s right, if you want to not only make other guys drool but also intimidate them, Porsche has a button for that.

It’s still not as throaty as a Harley Davidson, but it’s definitely a feature some guys are likely to opt to add… even at a price of around $3,000. When you’re paying around $95,000 for the car, that sort of extra probably isn’t going to affect much.

Source: Yahoo Auto