PopChips Sea Salt VinegarA few people had told me about PopChips being tasty and healthy snacks, but because I’m a guy, I was a bit wary. I’ve been down the rice cakes road before, and though it wasn’t a terrible ride, I’m not interested in going back anytime soon.

When I was told about PopChips about a couple of guys whose snack opinions I can trust recommended I try them, I decided to keep a lookout for them.  It didn’t take long before I found them.

First and foremost, the PopChip texture was decent. They didn’t seem like rice cakes, but rather like the non-kernel part of popcorn. There was enough crunch to enjoy, though not quite as much as a pork rind or potato chip. The residue doesn’t stick to the teeth like what often happens with snacks like cheese puffs, with which these might be compared.

The first flavor option I went with was Sea Salt And Vinegar.

Despite the significant amount of sodium in the pop chips, it seemed a little light on the saltiness, especially when compared to salt & vinegar chips from other brands. It’s possible that the saltiness was over-powered by the vinegar, which was a little too heavy in these PopChips.

The PopChip brand snacks are good, and I’ll look forward to trying other options, but I won’t be going with the Sea Salt & Vinegar option. They weren’t bad, but I found the acidic vinegar tanginess too strong.