Hey-Hey. Welcome back to my 2010 MLB Playoff Predictions Round 2…. the Sequel… OF DOOOM!!!!

So lets take a brief look back. Picked the Phillies in 3… check. Giants in 4… check. So I was perfect with my NL Predictions! *pats self on back* AL? Not so much. Picking the Rays to sweep was a huge underestimation of the Rangers. Picking the Twins? Huge over estimation. I didn’t take into account how much the Yankees absolutely own the Twins, and actually felt like the Twins were “due”. *Booing myself for my AL sucktitude*

Though to bite the ad campaign of Sex Panther (made with bits of REAL panther)… 50% of the time, I’m right EVERY time! Oh yeah…

Anyway, I hit a good? .500 in the Divisional Series, so lets see if I can improve on that in the Championship Series. Again, we go with how they’ll be played.

New York Yankees (AL Wild Card Winner) vs. Texas Rangers (AL West Winner)

There is something to be said for pedigree. The Yankees have that. Defending World Champions. Highest Payroll in Baseball. They have aura, mystique (no, Curt Shilling those AREN’T just the name of some strippers) … the lights are brighter in the “Big City”. And unless the “Playoff Perfect” (6-0 in his playoff career, 4-0 with the Phils last year 2-0 with Texas… so far) Cliff Lee can pitch 4 times? I can’t see the Rangers winning. I’m gonna stay on Cliff for a second. He’s starting game 3. So Texas may not get a chance to roll him out two times if the Yankees take care of business early. The Yankees have the advantage at the plate. They have CC. They have that Hall of Fame and Gold Glove laden infield. The Rangers have an advantage with their team speed, and I think their outfield is stronger than the the Bronx Bombers. Bullpen? I’ll take Mo’ Rivera over anyone in the game, and probably anyone EVER in the post season. He can pitch 2 innings if need be.

This series will be close, and hotly contested.

The Verdict:

Yankees in 6

San Francisco Giants (NL West Winner) vs. Philadelphia Phillies (NL East Winner)

A pitching fan’s wet dream. Possible/likely starters: Halladay vs. Lincecum Game 1…. really… my knees just got wobbly. Oswalt vs. Cain Game 2. Sanchez vs. Hamels Game 3. That’s… just… WOW. The only thing I wonder is if Bruce Bochy will have the lefty (Sanchez) go in game 2 since Philly is such a left hand heavy lineup. This matchup is going to be about pitching. Who can get get timely hits in huge situations. Who can scratch a few runs across and then watch their ace lock the other lineup down. Sorry, San Fran. You’re lineup isn’t one that inspires confidence in me. I think you are right there nipping at the heels of the Phillies when it comes to your starting pitching. Though I think Hamels is a much much better pitcher than Jonathan Sanchez, with a World Series MVP hanging on the wall. I think there is an edge in the bullpen that favors San Francisco, but in a series like this with THIS kind of starting pitching? How much can the bullpen do? Lincecum, Halladay, and Hamels all pitched complete games. The trio each hurled complete game shutouts… oh, and did you hear? Roy Halladay threw the second no hitter in post season history in his FIRST post season game. The young, impressive, upstart Giants aren’t a match for the Phillies who have been here. Know what it takes, and know what they need to do, and for that?

The Verdict:

Phillies in 5.

So lets hear what YOU think, Guys Nation? Reply with your picks, and I’ll mail you an official Guy’s Nation Goat! ((editor’s note: No such goat exists, Guys Nation assures you.))

Check back in another day or two when I weigh in and break down which of the plethora of aces I’d choose to be “THE GUY” for my team in the post season.

…. oh and don’t forget World Series predictions to follow!

Enjoy the games… especially the pitching!