If you’re not on Twitter, you’re missing out on some fun time. Where else can you get to know Playboy Playmates? In the past few months, I’ve enjoyed using the GuysNation Twitter account to get to know Shera Bechard, Miss November 2010, and it has a lot to do with Frisky Friday.

Not familiar with Frisky Friday? You’ll get the idea as you read this interview with the woman who was my pick (and the pick of a lot of GuysNation readers) to be Playmate Of The Year.

Avery – How did you get discovered for Playboy?

Shera Bechard – It was pure fluke. I went to the Toronto Comic Arts Festival last May to meet a friend. Playboy cartoonist Doug Sneyd happened to be there and my friend thought it’d be fun to have him draw my photo. As Doug was drawing me we got to talking and he said that I should be in Playboy. Long story short, I sent some of my modelling pics to Doug, and he sent them to Hef, and two weeks later I was flown down to do a test shoot. Then one month later I shot my November pictorial.

Avery – Part of the reason I love Canada is because of all the beautiful women who seem to come from there. Are there any women from Canada who were your role models?

Shera Bechard – Shania Twain has always been a bit of a role model. Obviously I’m not a singer like her, but the fact that she too came from a very small Northern Ontario town, just like I have, showed me that you could succeed no matter where you were born & raised. Pamela Anderson is also an obvious role model, not just because she’s Canadian, but because she is a great example of what Playboy can do for your career.

Avery – Do you remember which scene was your first photoshoot for Playboy?

Shera Bechard – Well my test shoot was my first shoot, which you can see on the Cyber Club. But for my actual pictorial we shot the centrefold first – and we spent three days shooting it to get it right. Hef is very particular about what he wants, but clearly it’s all for the right reasons.

Avery – Were you nervous at all for the Playboy photoshoot in the shower? It’s probably not everyday that someone gets to see you sudsing up.

Shera Bechard – No, I don’t get nervous really doing any photoshoots. Although I’m kinda shy in real life, once I’m in front of the camera I feel surprisingly comfortable. Sudsing up is no different than any other nude shoot, plus it felt great to have that warm water on me.

Avery – You’re a beautiful woman with a great figure, and I’ve said it before, the purple outfit you wore in one of your pictorials wasn’t as flattering on you as some of the other things I’ve seen you wear. Do you remember the outfit, and what did you think of it?

Shera Bechard – Yeah, it was ugly. That was actually from my test shoot, and the last thing I wanted to be doing at that time was looking like a diva and saying I didn’t want to wear the outfit. Hopefully that won’t happen again.

Avery – So where do you go with Playboy from here? Are there any future photoshoots lined-up with them?

Shera Bechard – I just finished a new pictorial for the Cyber Club with photographer Josh Ryan, and the first set of pics just came out this week. I’m really really happy with the way they turned out. Can’t wait to see the rest over the next few weeks.

Avery – Your Twitter account lists you as being in Toronto. I’ve been to that great city and thoroughly enjoyed my time there. One of the things I got to do was visit the Hockey Hall Of Fame. Are you a hockey fan at all?

Shera Bechard – Actually no… I don’t follow any sports at all really. I’ve always thought that a girl who loves sports is like a guy who loves shopping. Perhaps some girls like watching sports because they like looking at the athletes, but they’re not generally the type of guy I’m interested in.

Avery – We’re very much indebted to you for your efforts on Twitter as the founder of #FriskyFriday. What gave you the idea?

Shera Bechard – Back when voting for PMOY was first starting the people who run the media section of Playboy encouraged us to try new things to get people to vote for us. I was fairly new to Twitter at that time and had just found out what #FF meant. And in one of those lightbulb-going-off moments I thought I’d do my own sexier version of #FF – but of course I called it FriskyFriday. That first week I posted a self-portrait and it got a lot of views. The next week I posted a photo from a professional photoshoot – but it didn’t generate the same amount of interest as the self-pic. So the third week I posted another self-pic and again, got a ton of views. So that’s when I decided to keep FriskyFriday dedicated to self-pics. After about two months the people at Playboy, seeing my success with it, asked if they could make it a company wide initiative and I said sure. Obviously I’m not the first girl to post a self-pic, and I’m sure I’m not the first person to use the term “Frisky Friday”, but me bringing those two ideas together and seeing how it has grown into such a big thing has been really cool. And so you know, I have something else up my sleeve I’ll be unveiling soon… 😉


SheraBechard in her first FriskyFriday

Avery – What can you tell us about Sweet Karma?

Shera Bechard – Sweet Karma is a revenge thriller I shot in Toronto about three years ago now. It was a low-budget picture so it took some time to be completed, but we had our World Premiere in Montreal in June 2009 and then at Fantastic Fest in Austin in Sept 2009. It was my first time ever acting, so I was amazed when I won the award for Best Actress in Austin. It’s been released all around the world at this point and is finally coming to DVD & VOD in Canada and the U.S. on June 14th. It was a great experience and I’m carefully looking for my next film role.

Price: $26.99

Avery – I have to ask this of any beautiful woman I interview, not that I’d have a chance (for several reasons, not the least of which being geography), do you currently have a boyfriend?

Shera Bechard – Well I just recently moved to L.A. (I’m living in the Bunny House) in order to focus on my career – so being in a serious relationship isn’t something I’m looking for at this moment. The way I see it is I may only have a few more years to make this modelling thing work so, I need to put all my attention and energy on that for now 🙂