Every year, Playboy magazine picks one of their 12 featured beauties and crowns her Playmate Of The Year.  While the factors they use to decide the most qualified candidate are still unknown to me (I’m sure it has something to do with the willingness to take part in a video with some “simulated” scenes in it for Playboy to sell on DVD).  Regardless of how the top candidate is chosen, I wanted to take a minute and look at the 12 who are in the running and give my prediction on who might take it.

December is a good month to be featured in the magazine if you’re a woman who hopes to get the yearly award (and the big paycheck and the free car which come along with being named PMoY).  In the history of Playboy magazine, ten times the PMoY was the playmate featured in December’s centerfold.  Seven times the November beauty was picked.  January hit six times.  The other months mostly had five each, though the hot months of June and July have only had one of their centerfolds picked for the awards.

January – Jaime Faith Edmondson

Given its popularity, you probably already saw the article on GuysNation where we talk about Edmondson, but if you haven’t yet, you’ll want to.  Very soon.  Especially if you think that picture is hot, because the others are better.

February – Heather Rae Young

Have you ever wanted to give someone a brush so badly?  Or a hair tie?  Or at least wish for a breeze to gush through?

March – Kyra Milan

Though I would’ve loved to have been the cameraman for this photoshoot, this isn’t Kyra at her best, but it’s the only one I could find which wouldn’t require alteration to get rid of nudity.  A quick Google trip will show you what I’m talking about.

April – Amy Leigh Andrews

I’m not sure I could handle ONE of her, let alone TWO!  Still, I’d like to try.

May – Kassie Lyn Logsdon

June – Katie Vernola

There’s no doubt she’s hot, but Ms Vernola needs a photographer who knows how to get that beauty into the picture with a natural look on her face.  She looks very forced in some of the other pictures you could find online.

July – Shanna McLaughlin

It’s not a surprise that Hugh Hefner invited her to the crowning of last year’s Playmate Of The Year ceremony, nor that pictures of her were taken there when she shows up in a dress like this.

August – Francesca Frigo

Nothing I could write here would get anyone’s attention.

September – Olivia Paige

October – Claire Sinclair

November – Shera Bechard

The outfit she’s wearing doesn’t do much to flatter her form, but Shera is so hot she doesn’t need much help.

December – Ashley Hobbs

This outfit isn’t as flattering as others I saw her in, but this was the most fitting to the month she posed for, and given that we’re still in the holiday season, consider this my gift to you.

After viewing and reviewing all of the candidates, including these images and more revealing ones through Google, I’ve got no clue who’s going to win.  They’re all beauties, and while I’d like to know more about each of them, I’m having trouble finding time to do anything other than view images of all of them.  I would like to know who you would pick, based on whatever criteria you’d like.  Vote and leave a comment!

Enjoy the pics of Katie Vernola? Check out a free nude gallery of her here!